Media and politicians have failed the public, leaving it up to us

Great points. But let me change it around a little bit. Along with the suggestions in this opinion piece I would activism. We need true change America. And the best way to achieve that is through large numbers of us marching in the streets demanding that action be taken on behalf of the 99 percent. The politicians and media won’t pay us any attention until we demand it. Sometimes that means civil disobedience. Other times it requires peaceful marches and protests. Almost all great change has happened because of activism from a highly motivated public:

Since the turn of the century, political polarization has been driven by an equally polarizing media.We live in a time in which a polarized media fails to inform us of the issues that matter to the common people. We have not heard much from popular media about most issues that many Americans face: 43.1 million people are in poverty, Americans now owe more than $1.3 trillion in student loans, average household debt in the United States has now reached 136 percent of average household income.

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