Despite Massive Amounts of Money Raised by Democrats No Victory for Jon Ossoff

The Congressional campaign for Jon Ossoff failed to win the Georgia House seat despite raising over $8 million. He closest challenger raised less $500k:

Ossoff’s fundraising is not only nearly 18 times greater than several of his leading rivals, he is also far outpacing the entire cost of Georgia’s last open congressional election. Fundraising in that November race to represent west Georgia’s 3rd Congressional District totaled less than $3 million for 10 candidates.

And where did that money come from? 80 percent came from outside of Georgia; 95% from outside the district. And how does this make the Democrats the party of the people?

Democrats have been hyping this race suggesting that a victory for Ossoff would prove Trump and Republicans are in decline. Even if the Democrat wins this seat in the June runoff it proves very little. Trump won the district in November barely over Hillary. What it does prove is that Democrats are willing to play the money game to win office. And that’s because they having else to offer.

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