George Will: Trump’s ‘Dangerous Disability’ Could Have Serious Consequences on the Country

Conservative columnist George Will wrote a piece for Washington Post this week, saying that Donald Trump‘s “disorderly mind” is a “dangerous disability” that could have major repercussions for the country.

In his column, Will wrote that Trump has a knack for creating controversy whenever the president says something that indicates a serious lack of knowledge with no desire to learn. Will pointed to Trump’s remarks about the Civil War, the nuclear triad, and his one-China policy blunder as prime examples.


If Bernie Sanders fails to Prevent Trumpcare then he is Useless

Bernie Sanders has a consistent record of failing as a politician. And if he fails to stop the creation of Trumpcare then he have wonder what good is he.

Not only is Sanders failing to lead but is betraying many of those who he is claiming to represent. It started with his effusive endorsement of Hillary Clinton in last year’s presidential election. Then he failed to get Keith Ellison elected DNC head.  He refused to endorse another Democrat who wasn’t progressive enough. Then he went around campaigning for a candidate who is pro-choice. He has now abandoned his single payer healthcare proposal.  He even endorsed Trump’s insane policy towards North Korea.  Who are you Bernie Sanders?

Before the new GOP health care plan was even voted on, Bernie Sanders railed against the American Health Care Act on both of his Twitter accounts, calling it an “abomination” and “disastrous” before going on to push for his fight for a single payer system.