Bernie Sanders on Trump Impeachment: “I’m not There at This Point”

During a CNN Townhall Bernie Sanders said he was not calling for the impeachment of President Trump. On whether an investigation will lead to grounds for impeachment: “maybe it will, maybe it won’t.”

That was a typical politician answer. At this point the moral and legal case against Donald Trump is overwhelming. Sanders said Trump lies all the time. He also admitted he was disturbed by recent revelations surrounding the releasing of classified information by Trump in meetings with Russian diplomats at the White House. What more evidence do you need, Bernie?

Another independent Senator thinks there is a case to be made for impeachment:

Sen. Angus King (I-Maine) said Tuesday that impeachment of President Donald Trump is a growing possibility, if reports are true that he asked former FBI Director James Comey to end the investigation of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

The New York Times and several other publications, citing a detailed memo written by Comey, reported Tuesday that the president asked the then-FBI director to cut off the investigation of Flynn’s ties to the Russian government. The report was published exactly one week after Trump abruptly fired Comey, a decision the president said later was influenced by “the Russia thing.”

King said during an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that if the memo is accurate, impeachment is potentially on the table. He called the allegations in the memo a “very serious matter.”

“If these allegations, Senator, are true, are we getting closer and closer to the possibility of yet another impeachment process?” Blitzer asked King.

“Reluctantly, Wolf, I have to say yes, simply because obstruction of justice is such a serious offense,” King said. “And I say it with sadness and reluctance. This is not something that I’ve advocated for. The word has not passed my lips in these tumultuous three or more months.

We must demand that Democrats in Congress call for the beginning of the impeachment process. Time is of the essence. It’s clear Trump is a threat to national security:

Today we are facing the very real possibility that the president of the United States poses a clear and present danger to American national security.

 That’s the inescapable conclusion from the Washington Post’s bombshell report that Trump shared highly sensitive, highly classified information about the ISIS fight with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak when the men met with Trump in the Oval Office last week.

The White House went into crisis mode after the story broke Monday night, trotting out surrogates to argue that Trump’s move was no big deal because Russia is an ally in the ISIS fight (it isn’t), because Hillary Clinton did something worse (she didn’t), and because Trump was legally free to share whatever he wants with whomever he wants (true, but utterly irrelevant). Breitbart, unsurprisingly, blamed it all on a supposed “deep state” of US national security officials committed to harming the Trump presidency.

The spin is meant to distract attention from the enormity of the new scandal — and from the likely repercussions of Trump’s actions. The White House has good reason for desperately hoping it can change the topic: The president’s gaffe will make US allies less likely to share vital intelligence and add new fuel to the administration’s ongoing war with the American intelligence community just when US spies can least afford the distraction.

 That’s because Trump’s disclosures represent a direct threat to US counterterrorism efforts, which rely less on the skills of individual operatives and more on the web of intelligence-sharing agreements that Washington has with allies around the globe.


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