Terence Crutcher verdict: Tulsa officer Betty Shelby not guilty

But we knew that would be the result all along:

Betty Shelby, the Tulsa police officer who fatally shot an unarmed black man last year, was found not guilty of first-degree manslaughter by a jury late Wednesday.
A jury deliberated for nine hours before announcing its verdict.
Shelby, who is white, was charged last September with felony manslaughter in the shooting of Terence Crutcher, 40.

Police said Crutcher failed to obey commands, and Shelby testified she thought Crutcher was reaching for something in his SUV.
The fatal shooting, captured from several angles on video, was one of a number of police shootings of unarmed black men across the United States in recent years that have heightened concerns about possible police misconduct.

Sharia court sentences gay men to public lashing in Indonesia

A Sharia court in Indonesia’s conservative Aceh province sentenced two gay men to a public caning Wednesday.
The men, ages 20 and 23, were arrested in March by vigilantes within their community in Banda Aceh, the capital of Aceh province.
They were subsequently found guilty of violating Aceh’s strict Islamic laws and were sentenced to 85 lashes, according to Evendi, the head of Sharia law enforcement in Banda Aceh.

Source: Sharia court sentences gay couple to caning – CNN.com

Turkish Dictator’s Bodyguards Beat up Protesters…on American Soil

This is what happens when you invite a murderous thug dictator to the United States. But Trump likes tyrants. He wants to be one. Additionally, this behavior raises questions about how Erdogan’s Turkey can be a part of NATO. Maybe your congressperson can explain why. We know what Trump thinks. Although, he campaigned on platform of doing away with NATO:

My job is to think about cyber attacks — this is the first time I’ve been alarmed

That means we should all be terrified. We should also be asking why the government is not protecting us:

I’ve spent nearly every moment of the past few years thinking about how to stop cyber attacks.

And this is the first time I’ve been truly alarmed.

U.S. Government to Blame for Latest Cyber-Attack

The U.S. government/Pentagon should be defending us. The opposite is actually happening:

A runaway strain of malware hit Windows computers Friday and spread through the weekend, rendering hundreds of thousands of computers around the world more or less useless. The big twist: The virus was made possible by U.S. government hackers at the National Security Agency. But the finger-pointing won’t stop there, and it probably shouldn’t.

Trump will Step Down Before Impeachment

Donald Trump
Image source: Christian Science Monitor

Trump is a coward. So when it becomes clear that impeachment is likely he will turn tail and run. The Donald never expected to be President. And he doesn’t have an ideology to motivate him to fight it out. He will willingly abandon his supporters/voters if it serves his own interest.

This means Republicans in Congress will have to step up and urge the president to leave office. And what will serve as an incentive for the GOP? Vice President Pence. The former conservative Congressman is someone who is acceptable to the GOP. Don’t be surprised if efforts are already under way to show Trump the door. It might even require Pence to urge the President to step down. There is plenty of dirt on Trump that can be used by Republicans to force his hand.

It’s just a matter of finding the right excuse. Trump will make up something. He’s good at that. Or I could suggest something. Why don’t you claim that your family is being threatened. And you fear for their safety.

George Stephanopoulos Opens GMA With Monologue: Comey Memos Are ‘Modern Equivalent of Nixon’s Tapes’

George Stephanopoulos opened up Good Morning America on Wednesday with a blistering monologue recapping everything we’ve seen in the still unfolding saga of James Comey.

For Stephanopoulos, memos kept by Comey documenting his conversations with President Donald Trump were likely a turning point.

The former Clinton White House Communications Director said the memos would come out and might very well prove to be the “modern equivalent of Nixon’s tapes.”