Trump will Step Down Before Impeachment

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Donald Trump

Image source: Christian Science Monitor

Trump is a coward. So when it becomes clear that impeachment is likely he will turn tail and run. The Donald never expected to be President. And he doesn’t have an ideology to motivate him to fight it out. He will willingly abandon his supporters/voters if it serves his own interest.

This means Republicans in Congress will have to step up and urge the president to leave office. And what will serve as an incentive for the GOP? Vice President Pence. The former conservative Congressman is someone who is acceptable to the GOP. Don’t be surprised if efforts are already under way to show Trump the door. It might even require Pence to urge the President to step down. There is plenty of dirt on Trump that can be used by Republicans to force his hand.

It’s just a matter of finding the right excuse. Trump will make up something. He’s good at that. Or I could suggest something. Why don’t you claim that your family is being threatened. And you fear for their safety.

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