White House Lawyers consulting experts on Impeachment Proceedings: Report

They know the time is coming soon:

President Trump’s White House counsel has reportedly started looking to experts for information on impeachment proceedings to prepare for the possibility of Trump being forced out of office.

Sources from the White House told CNN Friday that while they believe Trump being unpeached is unlikely, they have started researching the proceedings amid more calls from Democratic lawmakers to impeach the president.

The continued drop of Trump’s approval numbers will make it more likely he will be impeached:

President Donald Trump’s approval rating has dropped to its lowest point since he was inaugurated in January, a new poll has found.

The Reuters/Ipsos poll published Friday found that just 38% of American adults approve of Trump, while 56% disapprove. The remaining 6% said that they had “mixed feelings” about the president.

The survey was taken between May 14 and May 18, a whirlwind period in which Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey and reports of the president’s disclosure of highly-classified information to Russian officials dominated the news cycle.

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