Bernie Sanders is Lying to us

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Sanders was on TV again. Something he does seemingly on a daily basis. He was asked about his promise to propose medicare-for-all bill.  Sanders has become the voice of the single-payer movement. But till this date he has yet to propose a bill in the Senate:

Asked on Sunday if he would follow through on his pledge to submit single-payer legislation, in which the government would shoulder the health care costs for all, Sanders said, “Absolutely, of course we are.”

So why hasn’t he done it yet? His answer to the CNN host, Jake Tapper:

Sanders conceded that it was a politically difficult proposal, not just because Republicans control the levers of power in Washington and are strongly opposed to such a large government program, but because of the entrenched interests standing against it. He pointed to those same interests when asked why an attempt to build a single-payer program in Vermont had collapsed.

“Taking on the insurance companies and the drug companies, taking on Wall Street, taking on a lot of very powerful forces that make billions of dollars a year from the current health care system is not going to be easy, and it’s not going to take place until millions of people get involved in this struggle,” Sanders said.

So you are afraid? Or maybe you aren’t committed to it. Maybe it will hurt your chances for 2020. The truth is Democrats are not going to support single-payer. And that’s because they are beholden to the special interests you referred to. We might also learn what little clout you have in Washington. Although, the fact that you’ve failed miserably to get anyone elected since your presidential defeat last year. You weren’t even able to stop the DNC from keeping Obama’s prohibition on donations from corporate lobbyists to the party.

Sanders was also asked about his presidential plans in 2020. It was a simple question that he has answered before: he isn’t ruling out running again. This time he filibustered it. He was even asked about his frequent visits to Iowa:

“We got three years before the presidential election,” Sanders said. “We got plenty of time for candidates or potential candidates to make decisions.”

The truth is you are running, Bernie. And it’s dishonest to pretend otherwise. You are constantly on TV and taking trips to different states. That’s the typical behavior of a politician running for president. His strategy of writing a book then promoting it in Iowa is right out of the Clinton playbook. She also pretended not to be running in 2007. Why lie about it? You’re supporters want you to run.

Then there is the bank fraud investigation involving his wife. Sanders claims it’s an attempt to hurt his potential presidential run in 2020. The allegations were first made while Obama was still president. And the initiator of the charge of fraud was a Republican, albeit close to Trump. But the investigation is being carried out by the FBI.  Is Sanders suggesting that they are politically motivated?

It sounds fishy to me. Just like Bernie buying a third home with 4 bedrooms even before the presidential election was over. Makes you wonder if he used any of that $27/person campaign donations to buy this extra house. And now the self-professed socialist is making money from a book deal that will turn him into a millionaire. Also reminiscent of the Clintons and Obama. No wonder he refused to file a candidate financial disclosure last year when he was trying to beat the champion of Wall St., Hillary Clinton. Maybe it would’ve made you look like a hypocrite back then. You are one now.

Do we want to put our trust in a man who has betrayed the movement that he claims to lead? I for one do not? Sanders has done very little to further that ‘Our Revolution.’ He rarely appears with protest groups. Which is ironic since he claims to want to created a ‘grassroots’ movement. Instead he prefers events where he seemingly promotes the Democratic Party and/or his presidential ambitions. He’s refused to join/create a third-party movement, even though many close to him have urged to him do so. He refused to join Jill Stein and run with her on the Green Party ticket after he had been robbed of the nomination. Once again–after being urged by many of us. He chose instead to campaign for a candidate that represents everything he stands for. Why does he feel an obligation to a party that has repeatedly snubbed him? And why try to win the nomination of a political party he is not even a member of? What game are you playing, Bernie?

It seems the answer to many of these questions are not forthcoming. We can’t afford to follow someone who seems unwilling to be truthful with us. He is, in fact, just another Washington politician. The revolution is bigger than one person. We don’t need you, Sanders. We are moving on.

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