Resistance Isn’t Enough: Democrats must offer a vision of a better future

That isn’t happening. Dems, like GOP, are not about solving problems. They are about serving their corporate masters:

Trump’s failings serve as springboard — but only that. It ill serves Democrats to run on outrage alone, or to imply that his voters were fools. Nor should the party treat the core concerns of blue-collar whites as separate from those of young people, minorities, and women.

Democrats must say that a country achieves greatness by engaging the potential of all for the common good. This means better schools, affordable college, student debt relief, and retraining for those displaced by automation and globalization. It means rebuilding our infrastructure and providing universal health care that prevents medical neglect and curbs the ravages of catastrophic illness.

It means combating inequality through fair taxation, reasonable regulation, and reforming a campaign finance system little better than legalized bribery. And it means arguing that only by broadening economic opportunity can we confront our common challenges in such areas as climate change.

What'ya think...