Most Americans Desperate for Third Major Political Party in Trump Era

Unfortunately, Bernie Sanders does not want to lead a third party. But we don’t need him. The 99 percent movement isn’t about 1 person. It’s grassroots. And the time is ripe for revolution. And I’m not talking lip-service like what Sanders does:

More Americans than ever—61 percent—say the Democratic and Republican parties are inadequate and the U.S. should have a third major political party, a new poll from Gallup shows. The desire among Americans for a competitive third party has been above 57 percent over the last five years, but Gallup’s latest poll marks a record high level of support.

Backing for a third major party also hit a record high among independents—77 percent—according to the new poll. Meanwhile, 52 percent of Democrats and 49 percent of Republicans say a competitive third party is needed.

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