Charlie Sykes: Trump and a Gutless GOP Wrecked the Party

Politicians are vultures. Once the Trump train collapses (caused by downturn in the economy, Russia revelations, defeats in 2018, etc.) the GOP will swoop down to feed on his carcass. Then they will pretend they were against him from the start:

Charlie Sykes isn’t the only person to recognize that the Republican Party has gone batshit crazy, but in many ways he’s one of the more interesting voices to comment on the phenomenon. A former conservative talk show host in his native Wisconsin, Sykes was on the “Never Trump” train from the beginning, watching with horror as the orange-haired one won his party’s presidential nomination, then the office itself, then saw how members of the party managed to justify their support for a man he describes as “an utterly unqualified reality TV star.”

“The capacity of Republicans to rationalize their support appears to be bottomless,” says Sykes, whose forthcoming book, How the Right Lost Its Mind, is the political equivalent of the most frightening Stephen King novel you’ve ever read. “I am less horrified by Trump himself than by what he has done to the rationalizers and enablers. Why are you people defending this, why don’t you see what he’s doing to your own cause?”

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