GOP Congressman: President ‘Misinformed’ on Dossier Claims

Both parties are up to their necks with this scandal. Duffy would love to pin this totally on the Democrats:

Rep. Sean Duffy said Friday that President Donald Trump was “probably misinformed” when he said the infamous dossier on him was initially funded by Republicans.
The Wisconsin Republican’s claim is in contrast with widespread reporting on the matter.
“That’s not been confirmed,” Duffy told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Friday.
But CNN, citing multiple sources, reported months ago that the effort to gather opposition research that ultimately resulted in the dossier was first funded by groups and donors supporting Republican opponents of Trump during the GOP primaries.

This week, CNN reported that the effort was taken over by Democrats when Trump won his party’s nomination. A lawyer paid by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic Party then solicited the firm Fusion GPS to
conduct opposition research on Trump during the campaign. That firm, in turn, hired former UK intelligence officer Christopher Steele, whose memos make up the infamous dossier.

But it is Duffy who is wrong:

The fact Democrats were behind the funding for the dossier is not totally new. When Mother Jones first reported on the research that led to the dossier back in October 2016, it said the research effort was originally funded by President Trump’s GOP opponents and then, when he won the nomination, by Democrats.

Even FOX News is reporting that the Republican side started first:

The opposition research project that ultimately produced the controversial Trump-Russia dossier was initially backed by the conservative Washington Free Beacon website, it was revealed late Friday.

Bottomline: there is truth in the dossier. And that’s bad for Trump:

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper on Wednesday disputed President Donald Trump’s characterization of the now-infamous dossier of allegations about the President and Russia.

When asked on CNN’s “Erin Burnett OutFront” about Trump calling the document a “fake” dossier, Clapper responded, “I don’t think that is an accurate characterization for the entirety of the dossier.”
The dossier helped fuel the ongoing investigations into Russia’s efforts to influence last year’s election and allegations of collusion by Trump associates, including the special counsel probe led by Former FBI Director Robert Mueller.
CNN reported in February that investigators had been able to corroborate some information in the dossier, although not the most salacious allegations.

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