Researcher discovers over 250 of Trump’s web domains are communicating with Russian servers, sharing weird files

We are getting closer to the truth as to whether Trump committed high treason:

The US Presidential election is almost a full year in the rear view mirror, but many are still working diligently to determine whether or not everything that happened during the course of the campaigns and voting process was above board. A new report from researchers at Unhack The Vote alleges that Donald Trump’s various web properties could hold a clue as to the President’s communication ties with Russia, and the evidence is quite substantial.

The report, which cites over 250 different subdomains belonging to the Trump organization, reveals that the web properties have hidden connections to servers that route through Russia — more specifically, through St. Petersburg. What’s most interesting is that these subdomains are named and cataloged in such a way as to avoid the chances that any random web user might accidentally stumble upon them.

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