Putin: Trump can claim ‘fairly serious achievements’

If I were a Republican I would be very suspicious of a President who was praised by a sworn enemy of the United States. Especially since Russia was believed to have interfered our elections in 2016. In return, Trump can’t seem find anything bad to say about the bloody dictator Putin. The GOP leadership doesn’t to be too concerned. They spend most of their time attacking those who have legitimate concerns about whether Donald Trump is an agent of influence (i.e., a traitor):

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday that his US counterpart Donald Trump had made some “fairly serious achievements” since he took office and derided what he called the “espionage mania” surrounding meetings held by Trump associates with Russian officials.

The Trump administration has been embroiled for months in investigations into potential collusion between Russian operatives and Trump associates during the 2016 US presidential campaign and transition — a claim Trump fiercely denies.
Asked for his assessment of Trump’s first year in office during his annual end-of-year press conference in Moscow, Putin said that “objectively we can see a number of fairly serious achievements over the short period he’s been working.”

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