Trumpism never existed. It was always just Trump.

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Bottomline: Trump is fraud. But that’s what he does. He did it as a businessman. Now he’s doing it as a politician. And he’s conned lot’s of good Americans. Nevertheless, he is a reflection of a corrupt two-party system:

But Trump’s own “Trumpism” seemed to die a rapid death when Trump entered office. While doing markedly little abroad to earn his campaign reputation as a foreign policy “dove,” President Trump has supported a markedly unpopular health care policy and a tax bill aligned with long-standing GOP priorities while doing very little on trade. As Trump has jostled with journalists and black athletes on Twitter, the long-promised massive infrastructure investment has yet to take place, NAFTA remains intact, and China has yet to be named a currency manipulator. (And, of course, the wall remains unbuilt.)

The “Trumpism” of the 2016 presidential campaign was thus largely imaginary, a selling point rather than an overarching policy.

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