More than 100,000 people vow to protest if Trump fires Mueller

We need constant protest. But the ultimate event should be an occupation of Washington,D.C. until Trump is forced out. There is such an even planned for January. Hopefully enough of us will be involved. The alternative is a fascist dictatorship. It’s already happening. #Resist:

A coalition of groups opposed to President Trump and his agenda has assembled tens of thousands of individuals pledging to protest if Trump fires special counsel Robert Mueller.Over 100,000 Americans have vowed to take part in more than 500 protests across the country should the firing occur, according to a press release.The effort includes groups like the Center for American Progress Action Fund, the Truman National Security Project, Public Citizen, Stand Up America, Civic Action, March for Truth, Indivisible, People for the American Way, Common Cause and Democracy 21.

What'ya think...