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Bernie Sanders for President in 2016

American voters finally have a candidate that represents real change in government. Don't let this opportunity pass us by. We might not get another chance.
'Feel The Bern'
  • The more people learn about Bernie Sanders the more they like him. 
  • He is raising millions from people like you and I, not the PACs and wealthy.

No more Business as Usual
  • He stands against a system that favors the 1 percent while cheating the 99 percent.
  • As mayor of Burlington, Vermont for 8 years he wasknown for a pragmatic approach to achieving good government. Even Republicans were impressed. He will bring that same can do spirit to the White House.

No more Business as Usual
  • He stands against a system that favors the 1 percent while cheating the 99 percent.
  • As mayor of Burlington, Vermont for 8 years he wasknown for a pragmatic approach to achieving good government. Even Republicans were impressed. He will bring that same can do spirit to the White House.

Nominating Hillary Clinton would be a Big Mistake
  • She could be indicted at any time for her involvement in the private email scandal. If she is indicted after winning the nomination it would likely guarantee a victory for the Republican candidate. If Hillary wins the White House it would mostly certainly lead to her impeachment.
  • Bernie Sanders would beat any Republican by a bigger margin than Hillary in the general election.
  • If Hillary Clinton is nominated by the Democrats and wins the White House we know it will be more business as usual. Hillary will bring incompetence, corruption, and pay for play to the White House. It will guarantee Wall St. will take over her administration. We saw during her husband's presidency the deregulation of the banking industry, the passing of NAFTA, D.O.M.A., D.A.D.T., the filling of prisons with African-Americans for unfair drug laws. We can expect more of the same from Hillary. In addition, she will continue the endless wars that are part of the military-industrial-complex she supports.
  • She will sell herself to the highest bidder. That means you and I are out of the loop. Hillary made millions from speaking fees while she was Secretary of State.

It's a Mistake to Count him Out
  • Currently some polls show Bernie Sanders ahead of Hillary Clinton nationally.
  • Candidate Barack Obama was losing in November 2007 to Hillary Clinton by a wide margin. The press is today counting out Sanders the way they counted out the eventual winner of the election in 2008. The establishment media is against the anti-establishment candidate and coronating Hillary Clinton.

The Mainstream Press is Ignoring Sanders
  • The Corporate Media Is Basically Pretending Bernie Sanders Doesn't Exist
    • ABC’s World News Tonight awarded 81 minutes of national showtime to Trump last year — and for Bernie: 20 seconds. (source)
  • CBS did not post part 4 of the Democratic Party debate held in November. Why? Because it showed Hillary lying about her connections to Wall St. and Bernie Sanders exposing those ties.

The Democratic Party establishment is conspiring to sabotage Bernie Sanders
  • First the DNC tried to limit the number of debates. Then they rigged the computerized voter database so that they could then entrap Bernie Sanders' campaign.
Bernie Sanders is a Democratic Socialist, and so are Americans
  • FDR's policies were socialist. And they were called that by critics of the New Deal.
  • The biggest beneficiaries of socialism are big business and the wealthy. Except that their socialism is not democratic but crony capitalism. It only benefits the big business.
  • Medicare, Medicaid, social security, the minimum wage, child labor laws, 40-hour work week, are all examples of democratic socialism. And almost all Americans support these programs.
Bernie Sanders Signs
His Views on foreign policy, the Military and guns.

"...climate change is directly related to the growth of terrorism. And if we do not get our act together and listen to what the scientists say you're gonna see countries all over the world-- this is what the C.I.A. says, they're gonna be struggling over limited amounts of water, limited amounts of land to grow their crops. And you're gonna see all kinds of international conflict.

...I would argue that the disastrous invasion of Iraq, something that I strongly opposed, has unraveled the region completely. And led to the rise of Al Qaeda-- and to-- ISIS. Now, in fact, what we have got to do-- and I think there is widespread agreement here-- 'cause the United States cannot do it alone.

...But when you talk about the long-term consequences of war let's talk about the men and women who came home from war. The 500,000 who came home with P.T.S.D. and traumatic brain injury. And I would hope that in the midst of all of this discussion this country makes certain that we do not turn our backs on the men and women who put their lives on the line to defend us. And that we stand with them as they have stood with us.

...I have voted time and again to-- for-- for the background checks. And I wanna see it improved and expanded. I wanna see them do away with the gun show loophole. In 1988 I lost an election because I said we should not have assault weapons on the streets of America.

...This country today has more income and wealth inequality than any major country on earth. We have a corrupt campaign finance system, dominated by super PACs. We're the only major country on earth that doesn't guarantee healthcare to all people. We have the highest rate of childhood poverty. And we're the only in the world, (UNINTEL) the only country that doesn't guarantee paid family and medical leave. That's not the America that I think we should be.

But in order to bring about the changes that we need, we need a political revolution. Millions of people are gonna have to stand up, turn off the TVs, get involved in the political process, and tell the big monied interests that we are taking back our country. Please go to, please become part of the political revolution."
He has Major Endorsements
  • Tulsi Gabbard, is a Congresswoman from Hawaii. She was also a vice-chair of the Democratic National Committee until she quit after she objected to the pro-Clinton bias. Elected in 2012, she is the first American Samoan and  first Hindu member of Congress.  Gabbard serves on the Armed Services and Foreign Affairs. Along with Tammy Duckworth, Tulsi is one of its first female combat veterans to serve in Congress.
  • Dr. Cornel West is a distinguished civil rights activist/leader and humanitarian.
  • Sanders has been endorsed by the 250,000 member postal employees union and 700,000 strong Communications Workers of America.
  • National Nurses United, represents 190,000 nurses nationwide
  • National Union of Healthcare Workers
  • United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America
  • Nina Turner, the former state senator from Cleveland and a top Ohio Democratic Party official, is ditching Hillary Clinton in favor of Bernie Sanders. (source)
  • In two districts once believed to be Hillary Clinton strongholds, the state senators from Harlem and Queens — Bill Perkins and James Sanders Jr. — will endorse Bernie Sanders instead... (source)
  • Rapper Killer Mike, has made many high profile public appearances in support of Sanders.
  • Michael Moore, is a well-known documentary filmmaker and political activist.
  • Spike Lee, is a famous hollywood director.
  • Famous actress Rosario Dawson.
  • Visit this link (or here) for a complete listing of Sanders' hundreds of endorsers.

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15 Fundamental Differences Between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton (source)
  1. Has served as an elected official for over 34 years. Clinton has not.
  2. Has supported gay rights since the early '80s. Clinton has not.
  3. He wants to end the prohibition of marijuana. Clinton does not.
  4. Wants to end the death penalty. Clinton does not.
  5. Wants to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. Clinton does not.
  6. Wants to break up the biggest banks. Clinton does not.
  7. Voted against the Wall Street bailout. Clinton did not.
  8. Introduced legislation to overturn Citizens United. Clinton did not.
  9. Refuses to accept money from super PACs. Clinton does not.
  10. Supports a single-payer healthcare system. Clinton does not.
  11. Refrains from waging personal attacks for political gains. Clinton does not.
  12. Considers climate change our nation's biggest threat. Clinton does not.
  13. Opposed the Keystone XL Pipeline since day one. Clinton did not.
  14. Voted against the Patriot Act. Clinton did not.
  15. Voted against the war in Iraq. Clinton did not.

His Views on the Economy, Healthcare

"...what you have right now are millions of Americans working two or three jobs because wages that they are earning are just too low. Real inflation accounted for wages has declined precipitously over the years. So I believe that in fact this country needs to move toward a living wage.

It is not a radical idea to say that if somebody works 40 hours a week that person should not be living in poverty. It is not a radical idea to say that a single mom should be earning enough money to take care of her kids. So I believe that over the next few years, not tomorrow, that over the next few years we have got to move the minimum wage to a living wage $15.00 bucks an hour. And I apologize to nobody.

... billionaires pay an effective tax rate lower than nurses or truck drivers. That makes no sense at all. There has to be real tax reform and the wealthiest corporations will pay when I'm president.

...Here is the major issue when we talk about Wall Street, it ain't complicated. You got six financial institutions today that have assets of 56 per-- equivalent to 50-- six percent of the GDP in America. They issue two thirds of the credit cards and one third of the mortgages. If Teddy Roosevelt, the good republican, were alive today you know what he'd say? "Break them up. Reestablish (APPLAUSE) (UNINTEL) like Teddy Roosevelt (UNINTEL) that is leadership. So I am the only candidate up here that doesn't have a super PAC. I'm not asking Wall Street or the billionaires for money. I will break up these banks, support community banks and credit unions-- credit unions. That's the future of banking in America.

...Here's my promise Wall Street representatives will not be in my cabinet.

...we're gonna make public colleges and universities tuition-free. This is revolutionary for education in America. It will give hope for millions of young people.

...Why do we continue to get ripped off by the drug companies who can charge us any prices they want? Why is it that we are spending per capita far, far more than Canada, which is a hundred miles away from my door, that guarantees healthcare to all people? It will not happen tomorrow. But when millions of people stand up and are prepared to take on the insurance companies and the drug companies, it will happen and I will lead that effort. Medicare for all, single-payer system is the way we should go."

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