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Vote Jill Stein for President in 2016

We have a real choice for president in 2016. Jill Stein, of the Green Party, will fight for real change and against the corrupt two-party system that prevents it. She will restore government to the 99 percent. Why waste your vote on two parties that represent business as  usual when you have real choice?
Who is Jill Stein
  • "Meet the woman trying to turn the White House Green" (Yahoo news, includes video)
    • "Before entering politics, Stein was a practicing doctor and authored two books on medical topics. Now, Stein said she’s practicing a different type of medicine."
    • '“For trying to get into that debate, I was actually arrested, taken to a dark site where no one knew where I was -- the site was secret -- and held handcuffed to metal chairs for approximately eight hours,” Stein said. “It speaks volumes about how terrified the political system is that the voices of principled opposition may actually get heard."'
Why vote Jill Stein and the Green Party
  • "...This is the oligarchy that we currently live in. It is very important that we break that stranglehold. Now, it’s one thing to tell people to vote, it is another thing to tell people who to vote for. I share people’s cynicism about voting when you only have two choices that are both funded by Wall Street, and big corporate interests. To me that is throwing away your vote." (source, interview: Jill Stein)
  • "... If we are going to win, we have to start moving. […] By running a strong national campaign, we build a movement, and that movement needs political expression. I think people have different identities, but at the end of the day we all converge into an interdependent world in the 21st century, which is being thrown under the bus. People feel that we are in a unifying moment. I am extremely excited. When I was out there in 2002 running for governor [with the Green Party] and I won the instant online viewer poll — those weren’t self-identifying Greens, they were people who feel like they are getting cheated [by] a money dominated government, and money dominated parties. This is the perfect moment. Voters have never been more disgusted with and cynical about corporate-dominated politics, and are really open now to a people powered agenda, and the way forward that we have to make together." (source, interview: Jill Stein)
  • "Stein’s brand of feminism is invested in liberation politics, and she linked aspects of that and the fight for a living wage to broader issues of economic and social justice. Those are two areas where Clinton is particularly vulnerable among progressives because of her ties to Wall Street and her strident lobbying for the 1994 crime bill that led to devastating increases in mass incarceration in the United States, particularly among minority communities." (source, article)
  • “[They are] women and children who are fleeing what? U.S. policies of regime change in South America — El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala, countries where we have overturned democracies, either through our U.S.-trained death squads, or military coups, or CIA-supported coups. This is what they’re fleeing from… We create refugees, and then our Democratic Party together with the Republicans, who are also a party to this, are criminalizing them and sending them back, inhumanely.” (Jill Stein, article)
  • But the lesser evil paves the way for greater evil, because people don’t come out to vote for lesser evil politicians who are throwing them under the bus – even if someone else could be even worse. Democracy needs a moral compass. We must be that moral compass.

    The clock is ticking, and this is the Hail Mary moment. In this election we’re not just deciding what kind of world we will have. We’re deciding whether we’ll have a world or not in the future. The day of reckoning is drawing closer – on climate change, on endless war, on nuclear weapons, and the next economic meltdown. We’re accelerating into all of these crises under Republican and Democratic rule. So It’s time to reject the lesser evil and fight for the greater good – like our lives depend on it, because they do.

Dr. Jill Stein Interview With The Young Turks' Cenk Uygur

Why vote for Stein instead of Hillary or Trump
  • “It’s a fallacy that Hillary Clinton is the lesser evil here. Another Clinton in the White House is just going to fan the flames of the right-wing revolt,” she said, adding, “The lesser evil simply guarantees that the greater evil will be elected in the next election....“Trump says very scary things — deporting immigrants, massive militarism, and ignoring the climate,” Stein said. “Hillary, unfortunately, has a track record for doing all of those things… We see these draconian things that Donald Trump is talking about, we actually see Hillary Clinton doing.” (Jill Stein, article)
  • "Every vote for Stein makes the movement stronger by forcing Clinton to look over her left shoulder, worried that the Greens will have enough votes to impact her re-election.

    To end corporate power, we must vote against it. Just as the US needed democracy heroes to end slavery, we need democracy heroes to end plutocracy."

  • The two parties "use fear to manipulate voters. For example, they push the Nader myth – despite Gore losing 308,000 Democratic votes and 191,000 liberal votes in Florida to Bush, and Nader only winning about 30,000 of each. They trump up Trump fear despite the reality that he cannot win."
  • "Despite being the front-runner candidates of their respective parties, both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are extraordinarily unpopular heading into their party's conventions this summer.
    According to a recent New York Times/CBS poll, nearly two-thirds -- 64% -- of registered voters answered "No" when asked if Trump and Clinton are "honest and trustworthy."'
The Platform
Green New Deal
  • "It would create jobs, which would be nationally funded but locally controlled. Jobs that would revive our economy…renewable energy by 2030 in time to solve the climate crisis. It jump-starts the economy, it puts a halt to climate change and it makes wars for oil obsolete. That’s part of how we pay for it: You don’t need this gigantic military when you’re not fighting these wars for oil anymore.

    It’s self-funded by cuts in the military, but also because we get so much healthier when we end fossil fuel pollution, we get so much healthier that we have an enormous savings in our healthcare system, enough to pay the cost of the energy transition. So, we call specifically for jobs in clean, renewable energy, in healthy-sustainable food production, in public transportation, and in restoring our ecosystems."

Jill Stein speaking

  • Enact the Full Employment Program which will directly provide 25 million green jobs in sustainable energy, mass transit, sustainable organic agriculture, and clean manufacturing, as well as social work, teaching, and and other service jobs.
  • Provide grants and low-interest loans to green businesses and cooperatives, with an emphasis on small, locally-based companies that keep the wealth created by local labor circulating in the community, rather than being drained off to enrich absentee investors.
  • Renegotiate NAFTA and other "free trade'' agreements that export American jobs, depress wages, and undermine the sovereign right of Americans and citizens of other countries to control their own economy
Peace and Foreign Policy
  • Cut the bloated Pentagon budget by 50%.End use of assassination as an instrument of U.S. foreign policy, including collaborative assassination through intermediaries.
  • Increase our energy security by reducing our nation's dependence on oil.
  • Demilitarize U.S. foreign policy to emphasize human rights, international law, multinational diplomatic initiatives and support for democratic movements across the world.
  • Restore the National Guard as the centerpiece of our defense.
  • Create a nuclear free zone in the Middle East region and require all nations in area to join. Oppose attacks on nuclear facilities.
  • Ban use of drone aircraft for assassination, bombing, and other offensive purposes.
  • End the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, withdrawing both troops and military contractors.
  • Make human rights and international law the basis of our policy in the Middle East.
  • Join 159 other nations in signing the Ottawa treaty banning the use of anti-personnel land mines.Close some 140 U.S. military bases abroad.Initiate a new round of nuclear disarmament initiatives.
  • "More of the same failed war on terror is not the answer. It’s time to stop ISIS in its tracks and end the Wars for Oil with a new kind of offensive in the Middle East, a Peace Offensive – including a weapons embargo to the Middle East, and a freezing of the bank accounts of countries that are funding international jihadism, including the Saudi’s, who comprised 15 of 19 9/11 attackers, and who were identified as still the leading funder of Sunni extremist terrorism worldwide in State Department cables signed by Hillary Clinton in 2009, released by Wikileaks.

    It’s important to recognize where this violent extremist threat came from in the first place. A global terrorist movement linked to Saudi wahhabism was an idea cooked up  CIA and Saudi Arabia in Afghanistan to grow the Mujaheddin to stop the Soviet Union. And it has continued with Saudi schools – madrassas – that continue to be a recruiting and training ground for tomorrow’s terrorists.”

    We can’t simultaneously fight terrorism with one hand, while we and our allies fund terrorism, train terrorists and arm terrorists with the other. The only ones benefitting from this catastrophic policy are the war profiteers themselves, who are calling the shots in foreign policy by funding the establishment parties and their politicians. In fact, US foreign policy has become fundamentally a marketing strategy for the weapons industry. We started the terrorist threat. Now it’s time to shut it down. That is what our campaign alone will do."


  • "We can create health care as a human right through an improved Medicare for All system of everybody in, nobody out, and you’re covered head to toe and cradle to grave. You get your choice of doctor and hospital, and you and your doctor are put back in charge of your health decisions, not a profiteering insurance company CEO." 


  • "We can revive public education by fully funding it and ensuring kids come to school ready to learn – nourished, healthy and free from poverty, the biggest obstacle to learning. And we must end the high stakes testing that is harmful especially to challenged learners, and used to justify closing and privatizing schools, and to disempower teachers and unions. It’s time to provide small classrooms, to pay our teachers well, to honor their unions, and to teach to the whole student for lifetime learning – with enriched with arts, music and recreation, and nurture the independent, creative minds and spirits that Democracy depends on." 

Immigration, Race Relations, Criminal Justice

  • We will put an immediate halt to deportations, detentions and night raids for people whose only crime was to flee the poverty and violence created by predatory US policies across the border.
  • And we can end racist violence and brutality not only in policing, but in courts and prisons, and in the economy at large. We can start by ensuring every community has a police review board, so communities control their police, and not the other way around. And communities must have dedicated investigators so every death or serious injury at the hands of police is investigated. And we must end the racist war on drugs, treat substance abuse as a health issue not a criminal problem, and discharge from our prisons the hundreds of thousands of nonviolent drug offenders who shouldn’t be locked up in the first place.