Allow Jill Stein into the Presidential Debates

The two-party duopoly is kept in power partly by excluding third parties from the presidential debates. We must demand that Jill Stein be included in the debates. Why should the two party tyranny get to decide who we vote for?
The Public Supports Including 3rd Party Candidates in the Debates
  • "...the majority of likely voters want to see third-party candidates on the debate stage, even if they don't hit the 15-percent threshold to do so, according to David Paleologos, director of the Suffolk University Political Research Center in Boston, who helped conduct the poll." Petition

  • "The Republican and Democratic Parties control the presidential debates and exclude third party candidates. This is anti-thetical to democracy. We petition the Commission on Presidential Debates to allow Jill Stein to participate in all of the presidential debates this year."

The System is rigged against Third-parties

  • The "Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD), which was created by Democrats and Republicans in 1987 to wrest control of the televised presidential debates away from the nonpartisan League of Women Voters.

    Since CPD erected its 15 percent barrier in 2000, no third party candidate has made it into the debates." 

CPD is violating the Law

  • "FEC regulations require debate sponsors to be nonpartisan, but “since its inception, the CPD has been bipartisan,” providing an unfair advantage to Democrats and Republicans over third parties, according to the suit."

Both Jill Stein and Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson, are suing to change this corrupt system

  • "In their suit against CPD and the 2012 campaigns of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, Stein and Johnson allege the major parties have achieved “duopoly control” over access to the U.S. electorate through the use of “anti-competitive measures, including control of the presidential debates.”

    ...Another lawsuit, joined by the Green and Libertarian parties, accuses the Federal Elections Commission of allowing CPD to make “illegal corporate contributions” to major party candidates, while “failing to disclose its contributions and expenditures.”"

The media is on the rigged system

  • "NBC’s Matt Lauer, who NBC Universal recently announced would moderate the upcoming Commander-in-Chief Forum with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, was once listed as a “notable member” of the Clinton Global Initiative, the leadership arm of the Clinton Foundation."

Nothing is Stopping The Press from inviting all 4 candidates to a debate

  • CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, etc., are free to invite all the candidates to a debate. And if the Democratic and Republican party candidates don't show up then the lose an audience.
  • Let's demand the networks invite 4 candidates to debate. They media has the power. And press/media can show us they stand for democratic elections, not a unjust two-party monopoly.

"Polls show that 50% of Americans do not identify as either Democrat or Republican. This means that the Presidential debates as currently managed are locking out the diverse voices and views of half of all Americans.

The Commission on Presidential Debates may sound like an impartial, public body, but it is actually a private organization run by the Democratic and Republican parties. When these two establishment parties took over the debates in 1989, the League of Women Voters withdrew its sponsorship, rightly observing that the “unprecedented control” demanded by the Democrats and Republicans would make the debates “campaign-trail charades” that would “perpetrate fraud on the American voter”.

The need for “more voices and choices” can be met by including all candidates who are on the ballots for a majority of voters, a number that has typically ranged from 4 to 6 candidates in total.

Voters have a right to hear directly from their possible choices for the highest office in the land. These choices should reflect the diversity of American political opinion, and not be restricted to two candidates nominated by establishment parties awash in corporate donations and billionaire support."

demand open debates