Bernie Sanders is Lying to us

Sanders was on TV again. Something he does seemingly on a daily basis. He was asked about his promise to propose medicare-for-all bill.  Sanders has become the voice of the single-payer movement. But till this date he has yet to propose a bill in the Senate:

Asked on Sunday if he would follow through on his pledge to submit single-payer legislation, in which the government would shoulder the health care costs for all, Sanders said, “Absolutely, of course we are.”

So why hasn’t he done it yet? His answer to the CNN host, Jake Tapper:

Sanders conceded that it was a politically difficult proposal, not just because Republicans control the levers of power in Washington and are strongly opposed to such a large government program, but because of the entrenched interests standing against it. He pointed to those same interests when asked why an attempt to build a single-payer program in Vermont had collapsed.

“Taking on the insurance companies and the drug companies, taking on Wall Street, taking on a lot of very powerful forces that make billions of dollars a year from the current health care system is not going to be easy, and it’s not going to take place until millions of people get involved in this struggle,” Sanders said.

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Bernie Sanders and wife hire lawyers amid FBI probe: reports

Maybe this guy is just another corrupt politician:

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, the 2016 Democratic presidential hopeful, and his wife, Jane, have hired a legal-defense team as the couple combats allegations of bank fraud, according to recent reports.

Politico Magazine on Thursday reported that the couple has hired separate attorneys as the Sanders couple face a probe led by Federal Bureau of Investigation into whether the progressive senator used his influence to help his wife obtain a loan for the expansion of now-defunct Burlington College, while she was president.

Sanders has retained Burlington attorney Rich Cassidy, and his wife is being represented by defense attorney, Larry Robbins, according to Politico and later reported by CBS News online.

With the Quist Defeat Once Again Bernie Sanders Fails

Is this the person who is going to take us to the promised land? Bernie Sanders has done nothing but lose over the last year. The latest example was the Congressional election in Montana. The candidate Sanders campaigned for, Rob Quist, was defeated by a man who had 2 days before beaten-up a reporter. Now if you can’t defeat someone like that then you should not be calling yourself the leader of any revolution:

Republican Greg Gianforte muscled his way to victory in Montana, overcoming a challenge from Democrat Rob Quist and an election-eve scuffle with a reporter that led to a criminal charge being filed against him.

Mr. Gianforte defeated Mr. Quist less than 24 hours after he allegedly body-slammed a reporter from Britain’s Guardian newspaper and police charged him with misdemeanor assault.

The Associated Press called the race for the Republican more than 2½ hours after polls closed at 8 p.m. MDT.

With 83 percent of the precincts counted, Mr. Gianforte led Mr. Quist by a 50.3 percent to 43.9 percent margin. Libertarian Mark Wicks had 5.8 percent of the vote.

Every candidate Sanders has campaigned for has lost. Every cause and piece of legislation he has spoken on behalf has either failed, not come to pass yet, or was originally supported by someone else. Even his proposal for increasing the minimum wage to $15 is totally the credit of the ‘fight for $15’ movement. The legislation would raise the rate to that amount only after 7 years. That’s not progress. And it’s actually just a gimmick to get the House Democrats back in control in 2018:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on Thursday vowed to take up a $15 minimum wage in the first 100 hours of the next Congress if Democrats take back the chamber next year.

Pelosi offered the commitment while appearing alongside fellow Democratic leaders and advocates to release new legislation raising the minimum wage to $15. Her comments offer an early view at Democrats’ potential agenda for the House if they can regain control in 2018, a long-shot prospect that some in the party think could grow increasingly more realistic given President Donald Trump and the GOP’s recent struggles.



Where is Bernie Headed?

Sanders doesn’t seem to know where he is heading. He has absolutely accomplished nothing since his treacherous endorsement of Hillary Clinton last Fall. He wants to run for president again and seems to believe that his post-election popularity will carry him to the nomination. The man is seriously deluded. The Democrats will NEVER nominate him or become a “grassroots party.”

But while Sanders does a great many things right, he has not yet converted the huge enthusiasm built up through his historic presidential campaign into a mass organization capable of effectively fighting for the policies he campaigned on. In spite of launching the small, top-down Our Revolution group, Bernie is still mostly a one-man army.

Sanders has repeatedly asserted that “right now” he’s working to “transform” the Democratic Party rather than building a new party, while at the same time insisting that he is “not a Democrat.” These contradictory statements have been recently repeated by Sanders during his “unity tour” with new Democratic National Committee chair Tom Perez.

In a telling sign of the fundamental contradictions built into Sanders’ current approach, the Democratic “unity” tour turned overnight into a “disunity tour,” further exposing the sharp differences opening up within the party. Berniecrats booed Perez in city after city, as Perez held the party line on for-profit health care, corporate campaign cash, and the status quo party platform. Meanwhile, Democratic Party loyalists angrily called for Bernie to be thrown out of the party he’s not formally a member of.

Bernie Sanders still hasn’t filed his financial disclosures, raising questions about his wealth

Is Sanders a crook? That might explain why he ate out of Hillary’s hand during last year’s presidential campaign:

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) has missed the May 15 deadline for disclosing his 2016 finances. Senators in the U.S. are required to file disclosures with the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Ethics on a yearly basis.

…The Center for Public Integrity wrote in a 2016 article that Sanders was evading disclosures by working the system during his presidential campaign.

I wonder if this has anything to do with wife. Who is under investigation:

This story broke just today that there was an investigation of financial improprieties under Jane Sanders at Burlington College by the FBI and the Department of Justice. There is no word so far if the investigation is still ongoing.

If Bernie Sanders fails to Prevent Trumpcare then he is Useless

Bernie Sanders has a consistent record of failing as a politician. And if he fails to stop the creation of Trumpcare then he have wonder what good is he.

Not only is Sanders failing to lead but is betraying many of those who he is claiming to represent. It started with his effusive endorsement of Hillary Clinton in last year’s presidential election. Then he failed to get Keith Ellison elected DNC head.  He refused to endorse another Democrat who wasn’t progressive enough. Then he went around campaigning for a candidate who is pro-choice. He has now abandoned his single payer healthcare proposal.  He even endorsed Trump’s insane policy towards North Korea.  Who are you Bernie Sanders?

Before the new GOP health care plan was even voted on, Bernie Sanders railed against the American Health Care Act on both of his Twitter accounts, calling it an “abomination” and “disastrous” before going on to push for his fight for a single payer system.

Sanders: Trump on right track with North Korea

Say what?! Trump is being totally reckless in his threats against North Korea. I wonder how many Sanders supporters agree with him in praising Trump’s approach. I think it’s time we started questioning Sanders’ agenda. We might have to reconsider him as the self-appointed leader of ‘our revolution.’

Former Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) on Friday said North Korea’s nuclear and missile capabilities are a threat to the world and suggested President Donald Trump’s approach of putting pressure on China to contain the dictatorship was the right one.

Bernie Sanders Calls Democratic Party ‘Weak and Incapable of Organizing’

Completely true. So why do you insist on ‘transforming’ the Democratic Party when all the evidence shows it’s incapable of changing. You couldn’t even get progressive Keith Ellison elected DNC head. You could easily build a third party, as your supporters keep urging you to do, that represents the interests of the 99 percent. Sanders won’t do that because he all he wants is to become president. He’s still living under the delusion that he will be nominated by a party that he’s not even a member of. He obviously thinks the easiest path to the White House are through the Democrats. That is not the thinking of a “revolutionary.” In fact, Sanders rarely uses that term anymore:

Since the Democratic Party lost the 2016 presidential election, the party’s establishment has suppressed all calls for reform from progressives. Though the party appointed Sen. Bernie Sanders as its head of outreach, most Democrats continue to treat him and his supporters as unwelcome outsiders. In a recent speech, Sanders provided progressives with insight as to how to advance their values against an inept and increasingly out of touch Democratic Party.

Bernie you are completely delusional in believing you could transform this Republican-lite party:

But I don’t want anyone here to forget that it was a Democratic president, not a Republican president, who deregulated Wall Street. It was a Democratic president who made the first major initiatives in disastrous trade policies,” Sanders explained in reference to former President Bill Clinton, who enacted several policies that hurt working, middle class and low income Americans. “Let’s not forget that either. So, they’re angry, and they look for an alternative.”

Fact is, Bernie Sanders is using his loyal supporters for his own selfish political ambition.

Bernie Sanders Blames Establishment Democrats For Donald Trump Victory

I could have told you that before you decided to endorse Hillary Clinton. This is another example of Sanders trying to have it both ways. He wanted to win the nomination from a party that he was not even a member of. Then he refused to denounce Hillary for her illegal private email server. And finally, after losing to Clinton he then refused to run as independent (despite pleading from Jill Stein) because he didn’t want Trump to win the election. That was a foolish mistake. If Sanders had run as an independent/third party candidate there was good chance he would’ve won. Bernie, you’ve been wrong all along. Time to move on. Time for someone else to lead the revolution:

“Let me suggest to you, and some will disagree with me and that’s okay, too. But let me suggest to you that what happened on November 8th. Trump’s victory was not a victory for Trump or his ideology. It was a gross political failure of the Democratic Party,” said Sanders, who went on to explain his perspective on why Donald Trump won and where the Democratic Party has gone astray.”

Bernie Sanders can win in 2020, but he has to make a critical choice right now

Bernie needs to listen to this advice:

So, as he bids “farewell” Tuesday, Bernie Sanders must realize it’s time to make a fundamental choice: Work within a bought-off, completely in-denial Democratic Party, which, after losing to the most unpopular candidate in the history of America, still refuses to sever its ties with Wall Street, big oil, and big pharma, OR, backed by millions of politically reinvigorated working class people, and millennials politically energized for the first time, fight both the corrupt, corporate Democrats and extremist Republicans.

CNN will host town hall with Bernie Sanders

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders will participate in a prime-time CNN Town Hall next week just as the Republican-controlled 115th Congress and President-elect Donald Trump begin to roll out their agendas.Sanders, the progressive icon who challenged Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination, will sit down with CNN’s Chris Cuomo. The one-hour event will be held at George Washington University on January 9 at 9 p.m. ET and will air on CNN, CNN International and CNN en Español. It also will be live-steamed online and across mobile via CNNgo and CNN SiriusXM channel 116.Sanders will take questions on major issues facing the nation and will discuss the Democratic strategy for dealing with Trump’s administration.

Source: CNN will host town hall with Bernie Sanders –

Break Free and Lead, or Resign: A Letter to Bernie Sanders

If you are the people’s champion you claimed to be throughout your campaign, it is past time to wash your hands clean of, and harshly condemn all things related to the Democratic Party. Democrats have learned nothing from their shameful failures and will create no meaningful opposition to the right-wing white supremacist agenda that will take hold of the United States in several weeks. Their impotence is evident, as further conveyed by the shameful non-response of the current Democratic administration to the legitimate protests in North Dakota. Any hopes for their reform are a complete waste of time we do not have.

The choice is clear, Bernie. Break free and lead, or resign. If you continue operating as the left flank of a broken system, you are part of the problem, not the solution.

Join or form a third party with a clear radical agenda that will truly combat the looming neo-fascism in government, on the streets, and in sites of struggle such as North Dakota, or do everybody, including yourself a favor and resign from political life. Whether you call yourself a Democrat or Independent let’s not kid ourselves, you are currently serving the establishment. Your continued support of a two-party system, a lesser-evil mentality and for the reform of a party that humiliated you and continues to shame your core constituency legitimizes the corruption in Washington and is highly detrimental to the causes you claim to champion.

Source: Yoav Litvin

Sanders puts damper on party leadership rumors

Sanders has made a habit of disappointing his supporters:

But Sanders, who reclaimed his status as an independent after running for president as a Democrat, has always been something of an outsider in the Democratic caucus.Sanders told reporters Wednesday evening that he is not interested in serving as chairman of the Democratic Policy and Communication Center (DPCC), a job now held by Sen. Charles Schumer (N.Y.).

Bernie Sanders off-Message: Real unemployment still too high

I’m Not sure this is exactly an argument for Clinton. Especially since Hillary is running on Obama’s coattails. These statement is quite puzzling given Sanders effusive endorsement of the Democratic Parties’ presidential candidate. Politics make strange bedfellows, I guess:

Sen. Bernie, I-Vt., argued Thursday that the current real unemployment rate is unacceptable, and said during a stump speech for Hillary Clinton that too many people have given up looking for work.

“Real unemployment remains much too high,” the Vermont lawmaker said at a campaign rally in Youngstown, Ohio. “If you add people who don’t have any jobs, with people who are working part-time but they want to work full-time.”

“People have given up looking for work in high-unemployment areas,” he added.

Bernie Sanders Is In An Abusive Relationship

Will we ever break away?
Bernie Sanders is in an abusive relationship with the Democratic party, and so are we. A party that rigs its own primaries to subvert its own candidates, just for serving the interests of the people instead of corporations and oligarchs, is an abuser, and is trying to hold us hostage. Exploiting us with corporate cronyism all these years and then gaslighting us into thinking we were silly for ever believing anything else might have been possible. Assaulting our nation’s democratic process and then trying to manipulate us into thinking it’s normal. Trying to tell us we’ll never get better, that this is all we deserve.

Bernie Sanders spends a very awkward Sunday morning in hot seat getting hammered about Hillary

You sleep with dogs you shouldn’t be surprised if you wake up scratching. Sanders wants to have it both ways. He decries “fraud” in the banking industry but is defending of their biggest proponents in the form of Hillary Clinton:

At the outset, CNN host Jake Tapper brought up Deutsche Bank’s multi-billion dollar fine be cause of its mortgage lending activities, and noted that the financial giant also contributed heavily to the Clintons for speeches in the past.

“I want to ask you about Deutsche Bank.” Tapper asked Sanders. “Obviously, as you know two weeks ago federal regulators slapped Deutsche Bank with a $14 billion fine for its mortgage lending activities during the housing bubble between 2012 and 2014. As you may know the Clintons received almost a million dollars from Deutsche Bank for delivering four speeches behind closed doors.

7 Times Bernie Sanders Burned Hillary Before Warning Folks Against Voting 3rd Party

They must be blackmailing this guy. He sounds like a totally different person. What happened to all the talk about “revolution.” You are nothing but a sellout now:

SANDERS: “I don’t believe that she is qualified if she is…taking tens of millions of dollars in special interest funds…I don’t think you are qualified if you get $15 million from Wall Street through your super PAC.”Save

Bernie Sanders Should have Demanded more for his “Capitulation” to Hillary Clinton

What kind of deal did Sanders and Clinton really make in return for his supporting her presidential run?

The Washington Post reports that, in his Labor Day stump speech for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders repeated his Democratic National Convention endorsement speech proposition that Clinton would “nominate Supreme Court justices who will overturn Citizens United” and “fight for real criminal justice reform.” Sanders still did not provide, as evidence for this statement, the names of any such reliable anti-corruption, pro-civil liberties candidates that Clinton promised Sanders she would nominate. Though naming a Supreme Court justice might have been worth Sanders’ turnabout to support, rather than oppose, corrupt plutocracy, we still do not know what Sanders received in return for his capitulation to “Clinton, Inc.,” if more than his lucrative book deal. His book agent Ronald Goldfarb’s firm coincidentally also represented Clinton surrogate and fixer, Lanny Davis.

Bernie Sanders Demands Third Party Nominees be Able to Debate

Sanders shows he’s not completely bought-off by the Democrats. He should go further and demand that Stein be allowed into the debates or he retracts his support for Clinton:

The Progressive firebrand who depressed his fervent supporters by endorsing Hillary Clinton as the lesser of two evils changed his tone on Sunday blasting the Clinton Foundation and saying that the American people deserve more options.

Bernie, you say you want a revolution, but whose?

Bernie Sanders
It’s our revolution, Bernie. And you are no longer a part of it:

The country is ready for “Our Revolution.” But it must be ours. It cannot belong to a party or an ideology. It cannot be exclusionary or narrow. It must bridge the partisan divide, not add to it. It must involve the American people in answering the question “how do we do this?”

That’s the revolution we need.

44 Percent of DEMOCRATS Want Sanders to Make an Independent Run for the White House

What could have been. If Sanders ran as a third party candidate (preferably with Jill Stein and the Green Party) he would have been very hard to beat. Instead he decided to throw it all away. And don’t buy the nonsense about him not wanting to help Trump by running as independent. He made it clear in the very beginning, even before Donald Trump started appearing ahead in the polls, that he wouldn’t run third party. The quote attributed to him is he didn’t want to be another Ralph Nader spoiler. You did something worse, Bernie. You deceived millions of Americans in thinking you were really a revolutionary:

With this many Democrats wanting him to run independent, along with his proven success among independent voters and his ability to court some Republicans, Sanders could mount the most formidable independent campaign in recent history.

The Sad End to a Pro-Bernie Sanders Facebook Page

What angers me most about Sanders’ betrayal of his wonderful supporters is people like Tamara Knittle Wright. She created a the facebook page, Senator Bernie Sanders Supporters. Wright (and the other administrators at this site) must have spent hundreds of hours dedicated to Bernie Sanders and his presidential campaign. All for naught. Simply because Sanders wanted to put personal ambition above those who were committed to his call for revolution. Tamara is one of many others who had their dreams dashed. Then Sanders discarded them like trash:

This will be my final post on this group. The admins and I have decided to shut this group down. The reason being that I created this group on December 8, 2010, I hadn’t even realized it had been 6 years, because I love this man. I love what he stands for and it was way before he was ever going to run for president. But this group will never become a Hillary group. I personally am going to probably vote for Jill Stein. I am also going to become a proud member of the Progressive Party. I may start a fan group for Bernie again after the election when the dust has cleared. I have to say that I am honestly sick to my stomach that Bernie endorsed Hillary. I had always hoped that Bernie would run as an independent. He is not doing that. I wish you all well and I will be joining myself, other groups that support a progressive agenda and I will officially be supporting Jill Stein for president. I am not sure what all of my admins are preparing for, but we have left on loving terms and are still friends. I know that one of them is doing the same thing as me. Thanks for being a part of this group for the time you have been, if you have been with us for the six years. I wish you all well. We lived the dream while we could. I saw it as the only way for real change, so I am heart sick. I will be taking members off when I get home from work tonight, to officially close down the group. It will take a lot of work as there are almost 7000 people. I will not be taking new members or posting anymore posts after this time. Take care all.

The links above might not work since the facebook site mentioned is being shutdown.

Bill Daley, CNN Attack Bernie Sanders: Why is he Still Getting Secret Service Protection?

The garbage at CNN decided they wanted to do the work of Hillary Clinton by really going after Bernie Sanders. They, of course, want Sanders to pull out of the race just in case Hillary Clinton is indicted between now and the convention. So what do they do? They accuse Bernie Sanders of fleecing the taxpayers by continuing to get Secret Service protection. CNN cited a quote by former Obama press chief of staff, Bill Daily, attacking Sanders. CNN host, Brianna Keilar, asked Senator Corey Booker, whether he thought it was right for taxpayers to flip the bill (“38,000″/day) to protect the Vermont Senator. Booker, to his credit, said that “we should leave this alone.” There are more important issues right now, he argued.

Why don’t we let @CNN (which also had former Trump Brown Shirt, Corey Lewandowski, on the program) know what we think of their “Journalism.”
CNN Bill Daley

Plan C: Deny Hillary Clinton the Presidency

If the Democratic Party will use every means to deny Bernie Sanders the nomination then we should do everything possible to prevent Hillary from winning the presidency.

Plan B is to get Senator Sanders to run as a third-party candidate (preferably with Jill Stein and the Green Party). But it seems Bernie is not considering that option. Therefore, we might be left with a third option. Critics would say that this would put Donald Trump in the White House. That Hillary is the lesser of the evils. Our response should be that both candidates are evil. The goal should be to undermine a two-party system that has given us these two non-choices.

There are several ways of defeating Hillary Clinton. We can write-in Bernie Sander’s name on the ballot. The option is limited. More than 30 states require that the candidate submit his name for that purpose. Sanders would obviously not agree to that. The other option is that we vote for Jill Stein. In terms of her political views she is not much different than Bernie Sanders. And she won’t sell us out, unlike Elizabeth Warren.

If Sanders decides to endorse to Hillary Clinton then we should retaliate by punishing him, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Elizabeth Warren and the rest of the Democrats. As for Trump, if he were elected president he would destroy the Republican Party. That’s what we want: the demise of the two-party system.

Let’s send a message. The 99 percent will be heard–one way or another.

It’s Time for Bernie Sanders to Decide

Bernie Sanders will not win the Democratic Party nomination for President. Something dramatic would have to happen–like Hillary being indicted.  And there is no indication that the superdelegates will abandon the corrupt former Secretary of State. Then again, does the high-minded Sanders want to become like the Hillary Clinton of 2008 who said she wasn’t going to drop out because Barack Obama could get assassinated. The inspiring movement created by Sanders deserves something better than that.

Under no circumstances should Bernie Sanders endorse Hillary Clinton. In fact, he should renounce the party (that he was never a part of in the first place) that betrayed him and his supporters. The Democratic establishment used smears and illegal tactics to rob Sanders of the nomination. The Democratic Party proved it was not worth “saving.” And any notion that Sanders could make significant changes in the platform at the convention, in July, is wishful thinking. A party that has a Clinton leading it should be fought against not reformed. Just like the GOP. That’s what the revolution is all about. Hillary is the enemy. She is the epitome of what’s wrong with the political system in America.

This movement is bigger than you and I. You have a duty to fight on. So declare that you will continue to lead the revolution. And join Jill Stein of the Green Party to run in the Fall as a truly independent candidate. #BernieKeepRunning.


Bernie Sanders Might Run Third Party with the Green Party and Jill Stein

There is no indication that Democrats will come to their senses and nominate someone who would easily win the election against Donald Trump. Nevertheless, there is a logical plan b. Bernie could run with Jill Stein. Not only does it make sense, but to do otherwise is to let down his ardent supporters:

The election may be about to take another unpredicted turn that could result in the election of President Sanders, completing his 2016 political revolution.

Before a rally in Santa Monica, Senator Bernie Sanders was asked by Live Satellite News about the offer by Jill Stein, the Green Party’s presumptive presidential nominee, for him to run with the Green Party. Sanders response left open the door to running as a Green. He could have easily rejected the offer of a Sanders-Stein ticket, instead he said: “Right now, our goal is to win the Democratic nomination.”

Sanders should continue focusing on the Democratic Party nomination. He has run a far more effective challenge to the Democratic Party establishment than any insurgent candidate in decades. In addition, every poll shows Sanders would easily defeat Donald Trump while Trump and Clinton are virtually tied and Trump is leading in two out of five of the most recent polls.

Source: Don’t rule it out: Bernie Sanders (slightly) leaves door open for Green Party run with Jill Stein