2016: The Year Americans Found out Our Elections Are Rigged

The people are finally waking up to the evil which is the two-party system:

The 2016 election has been a wild ride, with two insurgent grassroots campaigns literally giving the political establishment a run for its money. But as the events of this presidential primary season play out, it’s becoming clear the U.S. election — and even more so, the presidential race — is a rigged scam being perpetrated on the American people.

When Did Democrats Become the Party of Elites?

The Democrats are a case study in how the two-party-system have become the tools of the 1 percent. Both parties adapt and reinvent themselves to stay in power. And never are they servants of the 99 percenters but of those who fund them: big business and the wealthy:

How did it come to pass that of the two political parties, the Democrats — who have long fought for the underdog, civil rights, consumer protections, universal healthcare, the minimum wage and for unions against powerful interests that try to crush them — have now been branded in large swaths of the country as the party of the establishment and the elites?

Independent Voters Grow in Number, Demand a Third Political Party

It’s time we created a third party movement that will replace the current failed and corrupt duopoly. There is no alternative. We either fight for the 99 percent or become slaves of the 1 percent. Bernie Sanders can help to build that movement or we move on without him:

The political dysfunction in Congress is repelling the public; neither political party represents the interests of working, middle class and low income voters. Members of Congress in both political parties spend an inordinate amount of time and effort on fundraising rather than pursuing legislation that would provide meaningful benefits to the American public. This political dysfunction only benefits the top 1 percent, who have taken over the American government through a corrupt campaign finance system and army of lobbyists.

Lead Levels in Bronx School’s Water 16 Times Higher Than in Flint, Michigan

The politicians and the media are basically ignoring this NYC outrage relative to Flint because it’s a Democratically controlled city. Sickening:

Lead levels in the water of an Olinville school tested 16 times higher than Flint, Michigan, according to a letter to parents from the city Department of Education.

U.S. Government Debt is one of the Highest in the World

The U.S. government is bankrupting America. Which is ironic since we are partly ruled by an ideology that constantly decries big government. But we are more broke than any socialist or communist country. And it puts us in the same category with basket-case Greece. We rank 11th in the World. Ahead of Spain, which is experiencing 20% unemployment. We are worse than the disastrously governed states of Brazil, Venezuela, Pakistan, Kenya, Mexico, Iraq, Syria, Russia, etc., etc.

So it can be argued that we are no longer a super power. Which explains why the World is chaos.

The U.S. government is criminally negligent in the way they handle our country. That makes it imperative that the two-party system is ended.



Which Party Is the Party of the 1 Percent?

This study confirms my belief that both Democrats and Republicans represent the 1 percent and not the 99 percent:

Which of America’s two political parties is the party of the rich? Many people would say it’s the Republicans. The caricature, common in the 1930s, is that the GOP is the party of the plutocrat in the Monopoly game, complete with top hat and tails. A Pew Research poll found 62 percent of Americans believe the Republicans favor the rich.1 But the data tell a different story.

First, the story is mixed where votes are concerned. Exit polls in recent presidential and congressional elections have shown that both parties receive substantial support from voters who make over $100,000 annually. And the stereotype falls apart when political contributions are examined: Democrats seem to come out ahead of Republicans in raising money from the richest precincts of the nation.

DNC chair candidate Jaime Harrison: lobbyists can be good Democrats

If this guy gets selected as the new DNC head it will prove once and for all  Democrats are controlled by big business. As it is, he has more of a shot at getting the post than does Keith Ellison. Still think the Democrats can be “saved?”

From 2008 until 2016, Jaime Harrison was a lobbyist for a powerful lobbying firm called the Podesta Group. The former whip for the House Democratic Caucus, Harrison relied on his Capitol Hill contacts to help clients like Lockheed Martin and Walmart press their cases to the federal government.

Now Harrison is running for chair of the Democratic National Committee in a bid to lead the party through the Trump era. He believes the party needs to embrace corporate lobbyists rather than vilifying them, as many Democratic politicians do.

Dems Have Learned Nothing: Why Progressives Need a Third Party

Bernie Sanders needs to decide whether he will build a true political movement or try to once again to win the nomination of a party that is controlled by the 1 percent:

The necessity of a third political party was exemplified by the 2016 presidential election. The parties ran two of the ugliest presidential campaigns in modern history. Votes were cast not so much in support of one candidate, but in opposition of the other. Hillary Clinton’s and Donald Trump’s campaigns were more focused on disparaging the other candidate than debating policy issues.This constant smearing led to doomsday scenarios on both political spectrums and, after denigrating third party candidates, critics of the two-party system fell in line behind one candidate or the other. “This will be my last election as a Democrat. I’m moving on and hope you do, too,” wrote New York Daily News columnist Shaun King in an op-ed published in May, outlining how corrupt the Democratic Party has become.

The White House’s dirty campaign against Keith Ellison

This is why Ellison will never become DNC head. Still think the Democratic Party can be ‘saved?’

With Democrats almost totally shut out of government, the most important position in the party is now the chair of the Democratic National Committee, who would be in charge of organizing the attempt to retake power. Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.), perhaps the second- or third-most prominent member of the Bernie Sanders wing of the party, presented himself as a candidate.Centrist liberals in the White House have challenged Ellison, putting up Labor Secretary Tom Perez as an alternative. But the underhanded way they have conducted their campaign is politically blinkered and morally hideous.

KING: Will Hillary join crowd of Democrats who bail on promises?

The Democratic Party cannot be trusted. They make promises before every election then immediately break them after.  Hopefully we’ve finally learned our lesson and we will no longer support a two-party system that keeps power by lying to us:

I’m bothered because she sucked the wind out of the Democratic Party’s sails, dominated the superdelegates and left state parties with only a tiny fraction of the funds they raised together to spend on her campaign. Then, when she lost, and we were left the impending Trump presidency, she moved on.

I get it. Losing a presidential election must be absolutely devastating. Losing one to Trump — even more so. However, my beef is not so much with Clinton, but with the fact that we’ve seen this before.


Reid: White House options for 2020 Resemble ‘an old-folks’ Home’

It’s symbolic for an old dying party with no future :

The likely 2020 class of Democratic presidential candidates is starting to resemble “an old-folks’ home,” according to retiring Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid.

Reid recently told an aide that he was unsure whether he would support Vice President Joe Biden should he challenge President-elect Donald Trump for the White House in 2020 because the field has yet to take shape.

“It depends on who’s running,” Reid told the staffer, according to a New York Magazine profile of the Nevada Democrat published online Tuesday. “We’ve got [Elizabeth] Warren; she’ll be 71. Biden will be 78. Bernie [Sanders] will be 79.”

US presidential Election–a Mockery of True Democracy

There could be no true democracy when two parties monopolize the political process on behalf of the corporate interests that fund their elections:

The United States may be a democracy but its election system is truly a farce with its two-party system in the name of its so-called democracy since the United States was founded.US presidents are elected in a corrupt process that favors the two-party system of Democrats and Republicans while preventing third-party candidates from entering the White House. Third parties in the US are voiceless. There is no free vote for people in America. The two-party duopoly and the Electoral College cause the US citizens to vote for one of two candidates, not because they believe that candidate would be a better leader, but because they would be better than the opposition. It seems the US politicians are forwarding their party and what the party thinks is important, and not the people. Politicians put their party needs over the people they are representing. The two-party stranglehold places the country in a race to the bottom, serving interests of the wealthiest, betraying democracy and holding hostage the common good of the people.

Manufacturing Sector Loses 4,000 Jobs in November


The economy lost 4,000 manufacturing jobs between October and November, the Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics reported on Friday. It’s the fifth straight month of manufacturing job losses. The news comes one day after President-elect Donald Trump went to a Carrier air conditioner plant in Indianapolis to celebrate the company’s announcement that […]

via Manufacturing Sector Loses 4,000 Jobs in November — Nwo Report

There is no “Reforming” the Democratic Party

After Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election there was all kinds of talk about reforming the Democratic Party. Well, since then, there has not been one example of measures taken to bring that about.

Yesterday, Nancy Pelosi won her 8th term as leader of the Democrats in the House of Representatives. This led Politico reporter (pictured above) to state that Democrats were being led by a “bunch of 70-year-olds.”

Next up will be the selection of the DNC head. This is considered an important post in getting a party control of Congress. Despite “grassroots” call for Senator Keith Ellison to be chosen, it would be a shock if he got the position. Ellison is considered part of the “progressive wing” wing of the Democratic Party. He has the support of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. His non-appointment would prove once and for all that the Democratic Party is controlled by a corrupt Washington elite that has no concern for the welfare of the 99 percent.

Ellison will not be chosen. Just like they wouldn’t allow Bernie Sanders to be the presidential nominee of the party.

LA GOP Admits To Sexting Underage Boy But Swears He Is Not Gay So It’s Ok

Devout Christian married Louisiana state official Mike Yenni (R-naturally), admits that he had a sexting relationship with a 17 year old boy but swears he isn’t gay. He is totally fine with being labeled a pervert and pedophile, though, because he doesn’t deny that he engaged in the sexting.

Source: LA GOP Admits To Sexting Underage Boy But Swears He Is Not Gay So It’s Ok | Crooks and Liars

Neoliberalism’s epic fail: The reaction to Hillary Clinton’s loss exposed the impotent elitism of liberalism

Trump’s victory was a rude awakening for Democrats who have become all too comlacent within the Washington power structure, and who mistakenly assumed that changing demographics, identity politics and sheer celebrity would be enough to stop the right-wing populism of Trump. Trump didn’t win the election because of a Republican insurgency; he won because of a Democratic collapse. He won because neoliberalism failed.

Source: Neoliberalism’s epic fail: The reaction to Hillary Clinton’s loss exposed the impotent elitism of liberalism – Salon.com

Clinton Machine Post-Election Spin Helps Democrats Avoid Reform

So don’t be fooled by all this garbage about reforming the Democratic Party. Including from Bernie Sanders. It’s more bait and switch. Time to dump the two party charade:

The Democrats are refusing to learn from their mistakes. The same establishment Democrats responsible for the decline of the party during the past decade are still claiming leadership roles, despite the poor judgment they exercised in rallying around Clinton’s coronation as their presidential nominee. These records should disqualify them from continuing to run the party into the ground.

Former Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich Threatens Third Party

It’s time for a viable third party. “Reforming” the Democrats is empty talk. The problem is a corrupt two party system that serves only the 1 percent:

As Democrats are reeling from Tuesday night’s election loss, some in the party are calling for a split from the Democratic Party if it does not change.

Bill Clinton former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich talked about creating a third party if the Democratic Party does not move in a more progressive direction.

Republican Party the Strongest It’s Been in 80 Years

Democrats can thank neo-liberals like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for this sad state of affairs.

In 2014, we put together an index to measure the electoral strength of the parties. Rather than focusing on the presidency, we broke partisan control into five categories: presidential, Senate, House, governorships, and state legislatures. We have updated our index using the mostly complete data for the 2016 elections and can conclude that the GOP is in the strongest position it has been since 1928. In many sub-categories, it is near an all-time high.

Democratic Party descends into ‘civil war’

Prior to the election all the talk was about the coming civil war in the Republican Party. Now you might have it in both parties:

President-elect Donald Trump’s unforeseen election win over Hillary Clinton has ignited immediate infighting inside the Democratic Party, with progressive members lashing out at the establishment wing for failing to defeat one of the most flawed Republican presidential candidates in a generation.

NBC News/Wall Street Journal Poll: 2016 ‘An Election About Fear’

All this can be attributed to the two-party system. They still in power by keeping Americans divided:

Whoever wins Tuesday’s presidential election will confront a nation that has grown increasingly pessimistic, divided and bitter about the state of American politics, according to the final national NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll of the presidential race. Sixty-four percent of likely voters say the election of the next president has made the nation more divided, versus 23 percent who think it’s made it more united.Further, 62 percent say the country is headed in the wrong direction and 60 percent of voters say the election has made them less proud of the country, compared with just 12 percent who said the same thing before the 2008 presidential election.

Obama is Leaving the White House with a World in Chaos


Hillary Clinton for President running on Obama’s coattails. The problem is that he, and former Secretary of State, have left behind a World in shambles. And things have gotten only worse since the President has decide to stop governing for the last few months. He is trying to minimize the disaster in time for the election by avoiding hard decisions. Obama also wants to leave the mess for the next president while keeping his “legacy” intact. Incredibly, both Clinton and Obama have gotten a free ride on the disastrous state of World affairs. Deserve blame for what happened on their watch. Just like George W. Bush has been blamed for Iraq. Incredibly, this article makes no mention of the failed war in Afghanistan. Obama expanded that war with worsening results. It’s only a matter of time before that country falls under the control of the Taliban, again:

POTUS 45 won’t have much time to celebrate.

After a bruising brawl of a campaign, the next US commander in chief will inherit a world with the toughest array of foreign policy challenges in decades.
The President’s Situation Room meetings will focus on hot, cold and simmering conflicts around the globe, all playing out as Russia and China seek greater international clout, cyberattacks become increasingly disruptive, and long-time US allies worry about Washington’s support.

Middle Eastern conflicts in Syria and Iraq are re-igniting sectarian tensions and sending destabilizing waves of refugees across the region and into Europe, where their presence is altering political dynamics.

Where Both Major Party Candidates Fail on Health Care

Obamacare has been a major part of the 2016 election, and will continue to act as a wedge between the parties long after we have a new commander-in-chief. Nevertheless, it feels like both major presidential candidates have failed spectacularly when it comes to discussing medicine in this country. Here’s a look at what they’ve been saying — and what it might mean for the future.

Source: Where Both Major Party Candidates Fail on Health Care – IVN.us

No, You Don’t Have to Vote for Clinton or Trump

It’s a false choice to pick between the lesser of two evils. Either way you are still picking evil. We all know enough not to succumb to this two-party scam. Vote to end this tyranny duopoly by choosing a third party candidate:

Contrary to what you may have heard — and I have heard it many, many times over the last few months — the presidential election is not a binary choice.

You have no obligation to choose between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. If you vote for one of the less prominent candidates, or write someone’s name where allowed, or leave the presidential line on your ballot blank, no lightning bolt will fell you and no policeman will knock on your door.

Third Parties in America: When Will the Media Become Democratic?


An honest look at election law reveals outright bias and little interest in the principles of Democracy. Freedom, justice and equality for all are blocked at virtually every level of federal, state and local when it comes to qualifying for being on the ballot. It is like there is a lock on the system. No, there is a lock on the system.

Source: Third Parties in America: When Will the Media Become Democratic? | Huffington Post

Poll: 6 in 10 dislike or hate Trump and Clinton

This poll once again proves that there is no lesser-of-two-evils here. They are both evil. Don’t make the mistake of voting for either one of these turkeys. We’ll all regret it:

Asked their feelings about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, just 17 percent said they admired the former secretary of state, while 10 percent said the same of the reality TV star-turned-presumptive Republican nominee. About one in four said they like Clinton or Trump but do not admire them. Another 37 percent and 39 percent said they dislike but do not hate Clinton and Trump, respectively, while 21 percent said they hate Clinton and 24 percent said they hate Trump.

Two parties aren’t enough for all U.S. voters; Voters are increasingly open to third-party options

For many third-party voters, the realization that the two major parties don’t represent them occurred well before they were faced with the choice between Clinton and Trump. The problem is deeper than those candidates’ personal unpopularity. That’s why their emergence at the top of their respective party hierarchies may just be a catalyst for the U.S. political system to evolve.

Source: Column: Two parties aren’t enough for all U.S. voters; Voters are increasingly open to third-party options

America’s Electoral Politics Are Designed to Be an Instrument of Corporate Control

Most honest observers agree that our duopolistic political system, in which both major parties are subservient to the ruling class, is the most significant barrier to real democracy in this country. Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans, despite the false dichotomy incessantly pushed by the media, represent the interests of the American people in any meaningful sense. And why should they? After all, elected officials from either party have donors, not voters, to thank for their success.

Source: America’s Electoral Politics Are Designed to Be an Instrument of Corporate Control :: Politics :: Features :: Paste