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Donald Trump Must be Impeached

The Legal case for Impeachment

Trump violated the constitution on Day one

  • "The Emoluments Clause is a provision in the Constitution that prohibits federal officials from receiving money or gifts from foreign governments without congressional approval. As Harvard Law School professor Laurence Tribe recently wrote in a legal brief, Trump “appears to be on a direct collision course with the Emoluments Clause.” (source)
  • "An all-star team of lawyers, including two leading experts on presidential ethics and two of the most prominent constitutional scholars in the nation, will file a lawsuit on Monday challenging President Trump’s ongoing violation of an anti-corruption provision in the Constitution." (source)
  • "...recently unearthed documents show that Trump is nonetheless the sole beneficiary of the so-called "Donald J. Trump Revocable Trust," raising serious conflict of interest concerns over a solution that had already been blasted as precarious by ethics experts. Furthermore, Trump is able to revoke the authority held by his sons and Weisselberg at any point." (source)

Obstruction of Justice

  • “Telling the FBI director to close down an investigation of your senior campaign adviser for his activities during your campaign for president, if that’s true, that is obstruction of justice.” (Source: Jeffrey Toobin, well known legal scholar)
  • Comey’s firing "represented an obvious effort to interfere with a probe involving national security matters vastly more serious than the “third-rate burglary” that Nixon tried to cover up in Watergate." (source: Laurence Tribe, well known law professor)
  • "So, Mueller will have no reason in the near term to go beyond stating that the president violated the law when he allegedly isolated Comey in the White House and pressured him to drop the Flynn investigation, and that there is a prosecutable case for that conduct. Members of Congress will then have to decide whether the president should be impeached for this crime—a matter of political not prosecutorial discretion." (Source: Samuel W. Buell is the Bernard M. Fishman professor of law at Duke University and was the lead prosecutor for the Department of Justice’s Enron Task Force.)

He is corrupt

  • Donald Trump's sons behind nonprofit selling access to president-elect (source)

There is a growing movement for Impeachment

  • 25 Democrats now Support Removing Trump from Office
  • "Documentarian Michael Moore has vowed to look for the first impeachment opportunity and do what he can to help spur it along. Law professor Christopher Lewis Peterson of the University of Utah has written a paper arguing that Donald Trump can technically be impeached immediately, provided that Trump University is judged to be as fraudulent as it looks. Allan Lichtman, the American University professor who predicted Trump’s win, also predicted Trump would be impeached. Clearly, no one’s wasting time on this." (Source)
  • "As documented in depth on the website — where more than 600,000 people have already signed a petition for impeachment — the president continues to violate two “emoluments” clauses in the Constitution. One prohibits any gifts or benefits from foreign governments, and the other prohibits the same from the U.S. government or any U.S. state." (source)
His Impeachment is Inevitable:
  • ‘Prediction professor’ who called Trump’s big win also made another forecast: Trump will be impeached (source)
  • Michael Moore, Who Predicted Trump’s Presidency, Also Predicts It Won’t Last a Full Term (Video) (source)

It's worse than Nixon and/or Clinton

  • Former Republican congressman, Bob Inglis, who voted to impeach President Clinton, says the charges against Trump are "more serious than anything we ever accused Bill Clinton of." (source)

Why he Must be Removed from Office

Trump is Dividing America:
Trump is turning over the Government to the 1 Percent:
Donald Trump is Mentally Ill
  • George W Bush's senior adviser describes Donald Trump as mentally unwell
  • "Partisans have been warning about Trump's craziness for months, but rhetoric from political opponents is easily dismissed; it's the water of the very swamp the President says he wants to drain.... frightened by the President's hubris, narcissism, defensiveness, belief in untrue things, conspiratorial reflexiveness and attacks on opponents, mental health professionals are finally speaking out. The goal is not merely to define the Madness of King Donald, but to warn the public where it will inevitably lead." (source)
  • "President Donald Trump gave a talk at the National Prayer Breakfast on Thursday morning, where he bragged about the ratings he used to get on The Apprentice, while also mocking current Apprentice host Arnold Schwarzenegger for getting lower ratings than he did." (source)

He is trying to create a dictatorship in America

He's an admirer of Tyrants:

Trump is inciting violence

  • President Donald Trump renewed his attacks on the media Sunday, tweeting a video that seemed to endorse violence against journalists. (source)

He has made us a less civil society

  • The majority of Americans -- seven in 10 -- say the level of civility in Washington has declined since Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, a new NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll finds. (source)
Is Trump an Agent of Influence?
  • "Senator John McCain passed documents to the FBI director, James Comey, last month alleging secret contacts between the Trump campaign and Moscow and that Russian intelligence had personally compromising material on the president-elect himself. " (source)
  • "Human rights lawyer Scott Horton, whose work in the region goes back to defending Andrei Sakharov and other Soviet dissidents, has gone through a series of studies by the Financial Times to show how funds from Russian crime lords bailed Trump out after yet another bankruptcy." (source)
  • "We know Trump seems a bit too cozy for comfort with his Russian pal, as does his secretary of State. If, after a full investigation, what we fear is proved wrong, we will at least know Putin is not unduly influencing the man in the Oval Office. If confirmed, we have an obligation to ourselves, all Western democracies and future generations to act immediately upon confirmation." (source)

We must act now before it's too late for the country