Donald Trump is a Traitor

  • Why is he meeting with Putin Alone?
  • "My Assessment is that Trump is actually working directly for the Russians." - Glenn Carle, Former CIA national intelligence officer responsible for evaluating foreign threats (Newsweek 12/21/17")
He attacks our allies while excusing Russia.
  • He was critical of montenegro which parrots the Russian line. Russia would love nothing more than to weaken the NATO alliance.
    • "The president suggested he would be unhappy defending "tiny" Montenegro if it were attacked, calling into question NATO's central principle of mutual defense.

      He also questioned whether the country's "very aggressive people" could draw NATO into a war with Russia."

  • When asked who was greatest threat Trump says EU
    • In an interview with CBS Evening News anchor Jeff Glor in Scotland, released on Sunday, Trump was asked to identify his “biggest foe globally right now.”  “Well, I think we have a lot of foes. I think the European Union is a foe, what they do to us in trade. Now, you wouldn’t think of the European Union, but they’re a foe,” Trump said.
  • Trump has been very critical of NATO for years:
    • "He has consistently minimized NATO's importance. On the campaign trail, he called it "obsolete," and last year he failed to affirm the treaty's Article 5, under which an attack on one is an attack on all. It has only been invoked once: after 9/11, by the American allies who stood by our side in our darkest hour." (Source: NY Dailynews editorial)
    • Fox News political editor Chris Stirewalt:
      • '“Quit kidding yourselves,” Stirewalt said in a message aimed at Republicans.

        “You will not stop Donald Trump from undermining NATO… and you will not stop him from realigning U.S. foreign policy to be more favorable towards Russia. He is going to do it,” he continued.' (source

Has said nothing about the chemical attacks in England.