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Hong Kong's Struggle for Freedom

The people of Hong Kong are peaceably demonstrating for freedom and Democracy. They need our support.

  • "Hong Kong Leader Makes Veiled Threat To Protesters, And Could Be Setting Up An Ultimate Showdown" (source)
  • "Main Hong Kong protest sees resurgence after attacks on demonstrators" (source)

    Hong Kong Protest 2014: Scenes of Chaos | The New York Times

  • "Hong Kong Protesters Call Off Talks After Mobs Attack Their Camps" (source)
  • "People opposed to the pro-democracy protests that have paralyzed Hong Kong for nearly a week took matters into their own hands this afternoon, in what appeared to be an organized attack on three different protest areas. The result was a series of chaotic scuffles involving protesters, their opponents, and police. Human rights group Amnesty International accused police of not protecting female students who claimed they were assaulted in the dense crowds.

    The groups, predominantly male and middle-aged, tore down the makeshift tents that demonstrators have been using to take shelter from heavy rains, surrounded students, and sometimes physically attacked demonstrators. By nightfall, things had gotten worse, as crowds of people grew." (source)

  • "A leading Hong Kong pro-democracy lawmaker said Thursday he was prepared to take a bullet if demonstrations turn violent. Albert Ho, a 65-year-old activist and former chairman of Hong Kong's Democratic Party, said he was willing to make a "sacrifice" on behalf of young people "because the future belongs to them."" (source)

  • "Pro-democracy activists took their fight Thursday to the doorstep of Hong Kong's chief executive, sitting down outside his office gates to express their dissatisfaction
    with him and the central government in Beijing.

    Some demonstrators say the next step could be occupying the inside of government buildings. It would be a drastic move, but one protest leader says it might be

    necessary to get officials' attention and bring change." (source)

  • "On a holiday meant to celebrate the birth of China’s communist republic, Hong Kong residents instead swarmed the streets Wednesday to protest Beijing’s iron grip over their government and demand democratic reforms.

    The massive crowds appeared to be one of the biggest amid a week of

    Massive crowd of Hong Kong protesters

    demonstrations that have brought large parts of the city to a standstill." (source)

  • "Hong Kong's chief executive refused to meet with pro-democracy protesters by the Wednesday deadline they had set for the Chinese government, shortly after he demanded the protesters stop their campaign "immediately."

    The protesters threatened to expand the protests that have clogged the streets with tens of thousands of people. It's the stiffest challenge to the authority of China's government in Hong Kong since Beijing took control of the former British colony in 1997." (source)

Hong Kong Protest 2014: The Evolution of Joshua Wong | The New York Times