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Stop Police Brutality

The citizens of America are being terrorized. Not just by the criminals but by law enforcement. There is a frightening trend in America where excessive force is used even on the most innocent of our people.

Even the law abiding and victims are treated like criminals

  • "Chicago rapper and songwriter Rhymefest took to Twitter to say he was not only robbed Saturday morning on the South Side, but also that he was treated "disgustingly" by officers when he tried to report the crime, the latter prompting an apology from the Chicago Police Department."

There is little justice for those who engage in police brutality

Some examples of justice being done

Root of the problem:

    • Many departments don’t provide adequate training in nonviolent solutions.

      cop shoots black man simply reaching for his drivers license

    • Standards for what constitutes brutality vary widely.
    • Consequences for misconduct are minimal.
    • Settlements are shifted to taxpayers.
    • Minorities are unfairly targeted. 
    • Police are increasingly militarized.
    • Police themselves say misconduct is remarkably widespread.


  • California police use of body cameras cuts violence and complaints
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