Welcome to the Revolution!

America is ruled by two political parties that work on behalf of the 1 percent. We have only an illusion of choice. Let's bring an end to this tyrannical system and restore government back to We The People.

The People's Platform is the means by which we retake our government. It will be done by creating a platform (document) that will be

the blueprint for governing America. And it will be written by you.

"Without a sweeping grassroots movement, loudly pushing and protesting for reforms, populist candidates, or coalitions in Congress will never have the power to defeat the forces of a corrupt ruling class. Robber barons have resurfaced with a vengeance in the past four decades, openly attacking our democratic system, while buying power to extend and protect their privilege in perpetuity." (source)

Both Democrats and Republicans are failing the American People

The two parties monopolize control of government. That means we only have the illusion of choice. This is why despite a 10 percent

approval rating incumbents in Congress get re-elected by 90+%  of the time. And if you look at the Presidency, the incumbent in the White House has been re-elected the last 3 times. Despite all the rhetoric there are no fundamental differences between the Democrats and Republicans. We are forced to vote for the lesser of two evils. Barack Obama promised us change but has given us more of the same. In the process he betrayed those who believed in him. Why? Because he serves the corporate interests that put him in office. 

The last presidential election saw the two most corrupt candidates in American history running against each other. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton left us with no choice.

Americans have very little faith in the Duopoly. Only 22 percent (from both parties) think they are "very or extremely responsive to what ordinary voters think."

America is becoming a police state

Our rights are under attack by a government that is ignoring our Constitutional rights. Almost all Americans are under surveillance in the name of fighting terrorism. And like in any dictatorship, dissent is being squelched. Occupy Wall Street attempted to expose the truth about a system that favors the 1%. And they were brutalized for it. Whistleblowers are being thrown in jail at unprecedented levels. Their crime: telling the truth about a corrupt and repressive government.

President Eisenhower warned us about the military-industrial complex. And It's still true today. It's mostly about profit, not national security. The Iraq War was about oil. U.S. foreign policy has always been about protecting corporate interests, home and abroad.

America is Ruled by the 1 Percent

We should be governed on behalf of the 99%. But are in fact ruled by powerful corporations and wealthy special interest groups that buy politicians. The proof of that can be found in the fact that corporations have been ruled by the Supreme Court to be people. And by ruling our country they are sucking up all the wealth while leaving only crumbs for the rest of us.
  1. Our very existence is threatened by powerful corporations that put profit before people. Our planet is at risk by climate change because lobbyist from oil companies have such great influence over government. They are able to prevent America (and other countries) from turning to energy alternatives that don't lead to global warming.
  2. Americans live in terror because of the abundance of guns in our society. And any attempt to regulate them is prevented by the powerful gun lobby. Politicians in Washington are frightened to challenge the NRA. Even when one of their own is shot in the head. When 20 children were mowed down at Sandy Hook Elementary Congress refused to act. It is pure cowardliness that the government refuses to protect citizens from individuals who should not have guns.
  3. They're supporting free trade agreements that undermine U.S. national sovereignty and completely turn over our economy to multi-national corporations. These agreements ultimately seek to fully enslave workers world-wide.