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America is Ruled by the 1 Percent

We have ceased to be a Free or Democratic Country

Elections are essentially have become meaningless because the politicians have been bought-off. Incumbents remain in office because they have the money advantage. And where do they get the money from lobbyists and the corporations that pay them. That means laws in this country are written to favor big business. It also means that corporations can break laws and no one goes to jail. And if banks destroy the economy because the laws allow them to steal then the American taxpayers are forced to bail them out. As a result, Corporations are more profitable today than they've ever been. And all the wealth created is going to the very wealthy. The rest of us get crumbs.

Corporatocracy is Worldwide

From the 1980s onward, one of the major aims of American foreign policy has been to make the world safer for US investment bankers. That might seem like an exaggeration until you look at the priorities of American economic policy as well as the actions of US-dominated international institutions like the World Bank and the IMF. The World Bank, though its International Finance Corporations, pushed emerging economies to set up capital markets. The posture was that more open markets were always better.

Source: Truthout

The Corporations are doing Better than Ever. Not so much the Rest of us.

  • "Today, the five largest financial institutions are 38 percent bigger than they were back in 2008, when they were too big to fail." (Source: Elizabeth Warren)