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The Mainstream Press are Propagandists for the Two-Party System

The mainstream/corporate press in America are supposed to be objective and non-partisan. The truth is very different. In fact, most major news outlets take sides.
The mainstream press are sycophantic supporters of the Clintons:
  • They continue to perpetuate the myth that the legal problems faced by Bill and Hillary are all a right-wing plot.
  • They refuse to call out Hillary for her anti-press behavior.

CNN Cuts off Own Reporter Critical of Hillary Clinton

clinton press corraled
The mainstream media is working on Behalf of Hillary
  • Google is tampering with search results to cover up Hillary's health issues.
  • Jill Stein's 1st interview with PBS was censored. They "cut out the most important parts in their TV broadcast and Youtube channel....they cut out nearly two-thirds of Jill Steins answer to the last question."

The Attacks on Jill Stein

The media is hypocritical

  • AM Joy Interviews Jerry Springer about Trump's Lack of Civility (source)

Donald Trump is a Media/press Creation
  • "Although many of us journalists have derided Trump, the truth is that he generally outsmarted us (with many exceptions, for there truly have been serious efforts to pin him down and to investigate Trump University and his various business failings). He manipulated television by offering outrageous statements that drew ever more cameras — without facing enough skeptical follow-up questions.

    It’s not that we shouldn’t have covered Trump’s craziness, but that we should have aggressively provided context in the form of fact checks and robust examination of policy proposals. A candidate claiming that his business acumen will enable him to manage America deserved much more scrutiny of his bankruptcies and mediocre investing.

    ...Despite some outstanding coverage of Trump, on the whole we in the media empowered a demagogue and failed the country. We were lap dogs, not watchdogs." (Source: Nicholas Kristof, NY Times)
  • CBS head Les Moonves gave away the game earlier this week when he admitted, “It may not be good for America,” meaning the Trump-dominated campaign, “but it is damn good for CBS,” meaning the ratings. And then he kept doubling down: “The money’s rolling in and this is fun.” “I’ve never seen anything like this, and this is going to be a very good year for us. Sorry. It’s a terrible thing to say. But, bring it on, Donald. Keep going.” “Donald’s place in this election is a good thing” – presumably for CBS stockholders. To which I can only say that the networks were granted licenses to the public airwaves, our airwaves, by promising to provide a public service. Moonves just blew that pretense all to hell.

    ...So the media can cry all they want and hope to exculpate themselves by trying to stop Trump. But in the end, Trump could only make a mockery of our politics because the media already had. (Source: BillMoyers.com, Neal Gabler)

The media is controlled by 6 conglomerates

media concentration