Join The Revolution!

America is headed for ruin unless we act now. The two-party dictatorship is destroying what rights we have left. They are destroying our ability to make a living and suppressing our fundamental right to complain.


The current occupant of the White House lied his way to power and is embarking on an effort to establish a totalitarian regime. He has declared war on the free press on his way to reaching the kind of control he admires in the Russian dictator Putin.

He is a racist who has openly incited violence on our fellow citizens. His Muslim ban threatens to turn divide our country and World. Violence against that religious group is skyrocketing. We must Impeach Donald Trump before he destroys our republic, and planet.

There would not be a President Trump if it were not for the corrupt and inept Democratic Party. Hillary Clinton, who ran again against Trump, is one of the most disliked politicians in American history. Her former boss, Barack Obama, was also instrumental in that defeat. His administration was a disaster. He broke almost all his promises. That created the condition for the election of someone even worse.

Congress is no better. It is occupied by millionaires who do nothing but take their orders from powerful lobbyists. Despite a 15% job approval rating incumbents get re-elected 95 percent of the time.

Until we have political choice in America our country will continue to deteriorate. And we could end being something like a third world dictatorship.

What'ya think...