Santorum Booed For ‘Taking One For The Team’ on No Child Left Behind

This is someone who called himself “courageous” for not compromising on his political views. But during last night’s debate we learned Santorum is just another politician. Ron Paul had it right when he called the former Senator a “fake.”

Is Iran Plotting Terror on U.S. Soil or is it Just Propaganda?

The U.S. government and the neocons are preparing us for war reminiscent of the weeks and months leading up to the Invasion of Iraq. But such a conflict would have terrible implications. Already we are seeing oil prices skyrocketing. This President has already shown his willingness to fight wars, as with Afghanistan. Many naively believe that Barack Obama is a total departure from the Bush years in where wars were started under false pretenses. And if re-elected the current occupant of the White House will most likely get us into another disastrous conflict overseas:

The U.S. is working overtime across 16 U.S. intelligence agencies to identify, monitor, and disrupt the activities of Iranian agents and surrogate groups like Hezbollah as officials see a growing possibility of an attack by Iran on American interests.

The concern is based on two factors: one, an uptick of surveillance of U.S. targets overseas by suspected Iranian agents. And two, the rash of coordinated plots against Israeli targets in four countries last week.

CBS News has learned that U.S. intelligence officials have observed suspected Iranian agents conducting surveillance on U.S. government buildings more than a dozen times in the last year – in Europe and South America as well as suspected probes in Bahrain – headquarters to the U.S. Navy’s Fifth fleet.

Ralph Boelter, the FBI’s top counterterrorism official has summoned the heads of 56 field offices to a classified, 90-minute video conference to underscore that the bureau “remains concerned Iran would consider attacks in the United States.”

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GOP Candidates Make Misstatements In Republican Debate

The press doesn’t do enough to challenge the statements made by politicians during debates. The general public doesn’t always have the expertise or time to know who’s telling the truth. So all we left with is clever sound bites and comedic lines:

ROMNEY to Santorum: “You voted to raise the debt ceiling five times without compensating cuts in spending.”

THE FACTS: Maybe so, but increases in the debt ceiling were not politically charged in the past as they are now. They just allow the government to pay bills run up by previous Congresses. To not pay them would be like deciding to stop paying a car loan or mortgage. In fact, President Ronald Reagan, an icon to most conservatives, supported increases in the debt limit 12 times over his two terms. The idea of insisting on offsetting spending cuts when raising the debt ceiling is relatively new.

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World Bank Warns China Headed for Crisis

If China is in trouble then we are in bigger trouble.

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Boy brings unloaded gun to Ohio day care

There are guns everywhere. And kids view them as toys:

Police say a 5-year-old boy in Ohio brought an unloaded handgun to the day care he attends after finding it in the grass at his apartment complex.

Police say the child thought it was a cigarette lighter and was showing it to friends at My First Days Day Care in Toledo when administrators saw the weapon.

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CNN Arizona Republican Presidential Debate Transcript (2-22-12)

Full transcript. Excerpt Below:

(UNKNOWN): My name is Gilbert Fidler (ph) from Gilbert, Arizona, and I’d like to ask this question to all the candidates if I could.

Since the first time in 65 years our national debt exceeds our gross national product, what are you going to do to bring down the debt?

KING: Thank you, sir.

Senator Santorum, let’s begin with you.

SANTORUM: Thank you, Gilbert.

I put together a specific plan that cuts $5 trillion over five years, that spends less money each year for the next four years that I’ll be president of the United States. So it’s not inflation- adjusted, it’s not baseline-budgeting. We’re actually going to shrink the actual size of the federal budget, and we’re going to do so by dealing with the real problem.

And here’s where I differentiate myself from everybody else, including, obviously, the president. I actually have experience on tackling the toughest problems that we have in this country, and that’s the growth of entitlement spending.

Obviously, the first thing we need to do is repeal Obamacare. That’s the one entitlement that we can get rid of.


And that’s a couple trillion dollars in spending over the next 10 years. But there’s bigger issues.

When I was born, less than 10 percent of the federal budget was entitlement spending. It’s now 60 percent of the budget.

Some people have suggested that defense spending is the problem. When I was born, defense spending was 60 percent of the budget. It’s now 17 percent. If you think defense spending is the problem, then you need a remedial math class to go back to.

Defense spending will not be cut under my administration, but we will go after all of the means-tested entitlement programs — Medicaid, food stamps, all of those programs — and do what we did with welfare.

Newark Mayor blasts NYPD on Widespread Muslim Spying

King Bloomberg is being called out for his contempt for civil liberties abuses in New York. This is not Syria or Iran. You can’t violate people’s rights and expect to be denounced:

The mayor and police director of New Jersey’s largest city said Wednesday the New York Police Department misled their city and never told them it was conducting a widespread spying operation on Newark’s Muslim neighborhoods. Had they known, they said, they never would have allowed it.

“If anyone in my police department had known this was a blanket investigation of individuals based on nothing but their religion, that strikes at the core of our beliefs and my beliefs very personally, and it would have merited a far sterner response,” Newark Mayor Cory Booker said.

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Mitt Romney’s son Matt makes major gaffe on campaign trail; brother cuts him off

What does this have to do with solving the nation’s serious problems. And if the Republicans decide to attack Michelle Obama won’t we hear from some media outlets that she is not running for President, Barack is:

Deficit Again Expected to Top $1 Trillion

At this point Obama can’t continue to blame the Republicans. The budget is the primary responsibility of the President and Congress. Both have failed…terribly. In the process they’re destroying America’s future:

The federal budget deficit likely will
top $1 trillion for the fourth consecutive year in fiscal 2012 as the economy continues to grow at a sluggish pace, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office predicted Tuesday.

Congress’s official budget scorekeeper projected a sober outlook in its semi-annual report Tuesday, forecasting that the unemployment rate will remain above 8% both this year and next year and above 7% until 2015. The economy will see a “continued slow recovery” as real gross domestic product grows 2% this year, measured from the fourth quarter of the previous calendar year, and by 1.1% next year.

The federal budget deficit is expected to decrease modestly, but the CBO said its outlook hinged on policy and budget choices lawmakers face this year.

Obama finds virtual end-around to bypass the White House press

Doesn’t sound like someone who is confident about what he’s done as President:

President Obama is finding ways to get his message to the public without going through the White House press corps.

Obama on Monday held his “first completely virtual interview” as part of an event hosted by Google+, the social network the president called “a newfangled thing.”

[…]Still, journalists have taken notice. After all, Obama hasn’t held a solo, long-form press conference at the White House since the beginning of October.

“I worry sometimes that the administration subverts the Wild West appeal of new media by rather scrupulously scrubbing and screening questions — like they have done in various new media town-hall settings,” said Julie Mason, a talk show host on Sirius-XM and veteran White House correspondent who also serves on the board of the White House Correspondents’ Association.

To be sure, Obama participated in two sit-down interviews last week — as part of his post-State of the Union swing through five battleground states — with ABC’s Diane Sawyer and Univision’s Maria Elena Salinas. He also did a few television hits with local Telemundo stations.

But he hasn’t fielded a single question in a press conference setting in months.

Reporters Without Borders: U.S. & Argentina Tied for 47th in Press Freedom

Scandalous. 47th?:

Last week, Reporters Without Borders released its Press Freedom Index 2011-2012. Out of 179 countries, the Paris based organization ranked the United States tied for 47th place with Argentina and Romania. In fact, the United States fell from 27th place because of the arrest of reporters during the Occupy protests last fall:

The crackdown on protest movements and the accompanying excesses took their toll on journalists. In the space of two months in the United States, more than 25 were subjected to arrests and beatings at the hands of police who were quick to issue indictments for inappropriate behaviour, public nuisance and even lack of accreditation.

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Treasury ups Auto Bailout Loss Estimate

The President made no mention of this during the State of the Union. This pokes a hole in the auto-is-back argument:

The U.S. Treasury Department boosted its estimate of government losses in the $85 billion auto bailout by $170 million.

In the government’s latest report to Congress this month, the Treasury upped its estimate to $23.77 billion, up from $23.6 billion.

Last fall, the government dramatically boosted its forecast of losses on the rescues of General Motors Co., Chrysler Group LLC and their finance units from $14 billion to $23.6 billion.

Much of the increase in losses is due to the sharp decline of GM’s stock price over the last six months.

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