Rape victim’s attacker gets joint child custody

This is pure evil. You hear about these things in countries that have Sharia law.  This case proves that the criminal justice in America is farce. It is another example why we need a revolution. Only then will we have justice for all our neighbors:

A Sanilac County Circuit judge has granted parenting time and joint legal custody of an 8-year-old boy to a convicted sex offender who allegedly raped the child’s mother nine years ago.

Christopher Mirasolo, 27, of Brown City was awarded joint legal custody by Judge Gregory S. Ross after DNA testing established paternity of the child, according to the victim’s attorney, Rebecca Kiessling, who is seeking protection under the federal Rape Survivor Child Custody Act. A hearing is scheduled for Oct. 25.

Only 24% of Americans Think the Country Is Headed in the Right Direction Under President Trump

Some more fake news for you, Donald:

Just 24 percent of Americans believe the country is heading in the right direction after a tumultuous stretch for President Donald Trump that included the threat of war with North Korea, stormy complaints about hurricane relief and Trump’s equivocating about white supremacists. That’s a 10-point drop since June, according to a poll from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research.

The decline in optimism about the nation’s trajectory is particularly pronounced among Republicans. In June, 60 percent of Republicans said the country was headed in the right direction; now it’s just 44 percent.

The broader picture for the president is grim, too. Nearly 70 percent of Americans say Trump isn’t level-headed, and majorities say he’s not honest or a strong leader. More than 60 percent disapprove of how he is handling race relations, foreign policy and immigration, among other issues.

Overall, 67 percent of Americans disapprove of the job Trump is doing in office, including about one-third of Republicans.

Hillary Clinton Leaked Cheating Rumors About Caroline Kennedy

Not even Trump can match Hillary in how to employ dirty tricks:

The notoriously ruthless former Secretary of State, 69, allegedly decided to take “revenge” on JFK’s daughter after she refused to back her 2008 campaign for the White House and instead endorsed Barack Obama.

The plot – reportedly orchestrated by Hillary’s top henchman, Clinton Foundation adviser Sidney Blumenthal – centered on derailing Caroline’s own political ambitions by leaking cheating rumors to the media.

‘Very Much a Racist’: Former ‘Apprentice’ Producer Claims Secret Trump Tapes Are ‘Unfathomably Despicable’

We needed to hear that tape before the election last year:

Former Apprentice producer Bill Pruitt revealed this week that President Donald Trump had been recorded saying “unfathomably despicable” and racist things during his time on the show.

Following last year’s leaked Access Hollywood tapes in which Trump brags about sexually assaulting women, Pruitt suggested in a tweet that Trump was on tape saying “far worse” things.

Newsweek reported that Pruitt disclosed additional details about Trump’s time on the show while speaking to NPR’s Embedded podcast this week.

“We recorded constantly, we went into the boardroom to set up discussions about how and who should get fired [on the show] without talking and saying directly who got fired, so there was a big, long exchange, all of which was recorded,” Pruitt explained to NPR. “Out of those exchanges came some really unfathomably despicable words said by this guy who is a TV star. I heard it, I watched it and those things are somewhere in some warehouse.”

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GOP Rep. Tim Murphy won’t seek reelection after reports he asked woman to get abortion

Rep. Tim Murphy of Pennsylvania, an opponent of abortion, will not be seeking reelection at the end of his current term, ending speculation about his future a day after a news report claimed the married Republican had asked a woman with whom he had an extramarital affair to get an abortion.

Source: GOP Rep. Tim Murphy won’t seek reelection after reports he asked woman to get abortion

Trump donor intervened to keep Ivanka and Don Jr from being indicted on felony fraud

The first family of crime:

New York prosecutors were preparing a case against President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and daughter, but the District Attorney’s office was stopped by a big donor.

According to a new ProPublica report, Trump attorney Marc Kasowitz managed to make the case against Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump disappear. The Manhattan District Attorney’s office was building a criminal case for misleading possible buyers of Trump’s SoHo hotel and condo that wouldn’t sell. The evidence was based on emails that the two sent acknowledging that they used inflated numbers claiming the condos were selling well, hoping buyers would be eager to invest.

United States Votes ‘No’ on UN Resolution Condemning Death Penalty for Homosexuality

These people are pure evil. It’s about pandering to the right-wing evangelicals:

The United States on Tuesday voted “No” on a resolution passed by the 47-member Human Rights Council condemning the use of the death penalty in discriminatory fashion, in cases including homosexuality. Twenty-seven nations voted in favor of the resolution; 13 voted against it and 7 abstained.

Trump says Puerto Rico officials should be ‘proud’ more haven’t died like in Katrina

This sick psycho never ceases to disappoint. There is no way to respond to such madness:

President Trump on Tuesday told Puerto Rico officials they should feel “very proud” they haven’t lost thousands of lives like in “a real catastrophe like Katrina,” while adding that the devastated island territory has thrown the nation’s budget “a little out of whack.”

Why a Mass Shooting in Nevada? They have Weak Gun Laws.


Yes, machine guns are legal under Nevada’s liberal firearms possession law:

The weapons Stephen Paddock used in his unprecedented rampage in Las Vegas Sunday night could have been readily and legally acquired in Nevada.

Gun owners in Nevada don’t need a permit to buy or possess a rifle, shotgun or handgun, according to the National Rifle Association. They can carry a firearm openly in public. Nevadans can even purchase machine guns or silencers, banned in other states, as long as they’re legally registered and within federal compliance. The state does not prohibit possession of assault weapons, 50-caliber rifles or large-capacity ammunition magazines, according to the NRA.

Nevada has some of America’s loosest gun control laws:

You’ve probably heard some variation of this expression: The best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is to have a good guy with a gun.

Well, when it comes to gun laws, Nevada has some of the weakest controls in America — and yet none of that mattered when a bad guy with a gun decided to commit mass murder.

Nevada state law does not require residents to obtain a purchasing permit, register or license for either handguns or rifles and shotguns, according to the National Rifle Association’s website. The NRA website also says that you don’t need a permit in order to carry rifles and shotguns, although one is required in order to carry a handgun. Nevada also does not impose a mandatory waiting period before allowing residents to purchase a firearm, and the BBC reports that there is no magazine capacity limit for assault rifles.

Charlie Sykes: Trump and a Gutless GOP Wrecked the Party

Politicians are vultures. Once the Trump train collapses (caused by downturn in the economy, Russia revelations, defeats in 2018, etc.) the GOP will swoop down to feed on his carcass. Then they will pretend they were against him from the start:

Charlie Sykes isn’t the only person to recognize that the Republican Party has gone batshit crazy, but in many ways he’s one of the more interesting voices to comment on the phenomenon. A former conservative talk show host in his native Wisconsin, Sykes was on the “Never Trump” train from the beginning, watching with horror as the orange-haired one won his party’s presidential nomination, then the office itself, then saw how members of the party managed to justify their support for a man he describes as “an utterly unqualified reality TV star.”

“The capacity of Republicans to rationalize their support appears to be bottomless,” says Sykes, whose forthcoming book, How the Right Lost Its Mind, is the political equivalent of the most frightening Stephen King novel you’ve ever read. “I am less horrified by Trump himself than by what he has done to the rationalizers and enablers. Why are you people defending this, why don’t you see what he’s doing to your own cause?”

Puerto Rican CEO: Local government ‘corrupt’ and ‘totally inexperienced’ in Maria cleanup

The Trump administration has been totally incompetent and indifferent to the plight in Puerto Rico. Nevertheless, the government of that tragic island has been corrupt and inept for decades:

The head of an international engineering firm in Puerto Rico said in an editorial Saturday that when the time came to send 50 of his engineers to help in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, he bypassed local officials and went straight to FEMA.

The reason, said Jorge Rodriguez, the CEO of PACIV, in an editorial in the New York Post, is that “for the last 30 years, the Puerto Rican government has been completely inept at handling regular societal needs, so I just don’t see it functioning in a crisis like this one.”

“Even before the hurricane hit, water and power systems were already broken. And our $118 billion debt crisis is a result of government corruption and mismanagement.”

Puerto Ricans elected a new governor last November but, Rodriguez charged, he was inexperienced and had never been responsible for a budget.

Gov. Ricardo Rossello cannot exactly count on those around him either, Rodriguez asserted.

“His entire administration is totally inexperienced and they have no clue how to handle a crisis of this magnitude,” said Rodriguez, who has a graduate business degree from Harvard Business School and was named a “Most Distinguished Graduate” by the University of Puerto Rico.

Angry That People Think He Doesn’t Care About Puerto Rico, Trump Spends Weekend Golfing and Hate-Tweeting

While in the midst of hate-tweeting officials in Puerto Rico and accusing the island’s population of being unwilling to help itself, President Donald Trump played a round of golf this weekend, an official familiar with the president’s schedule tells The Daily Beast.

The leisurely golf came on Saturday at the president’s Bedminster, New Jersey, golf resort, before Trump’s scheduled conversations with officials from Puerto Rico and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. And while White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders refused to confirm that Trump was indeed on the links, she wouldn’t deny it. The schedule of Trump’s tweets also suggest that he went golfing, with a conspicuous 6 hour absence in his posting on the social platform.


Puerto Rican Troops Are Still Waiting for Orders While Residents Cry for Help

This is criminal incompetence. Unheard of not to be able to communicate with troops in the field. How is it possible? Logistics is military tactics 101:

Twenty-eight U.S. Army reservists answered the call of duty, left their families behind, and reported to an abandoned base on the eastern tip of the island.

Then they waited for orders.

And waited.

It was one week before the soldiers heard from the outside world. That is how desperate, how disorganized, the situation in Puerto Rico has been. Try as he may to deflect blame for the response to Hurricane Maria, President Donald Trump is the commander-in-chief of these soldiers who were marooned while their countrymen needed all the help they could get.

Most Americans Desperate for Third Major Political Party in Trump Era

Unfortunately, Bernie Sanders does not want to lead a third party. But we don’t need him. The 99 percent movement isn’t about 1 person. It’s grassroots. And the time is ripe for revolution. And I’m not talking lip-service like what Sanders does:

More Americans than ever—61 percent—say the Democratic and Republican parties are inadequate and the U.S. should have a third major political party, a new poll from Gallup shows. The desire among Americans for a competitive third party has been above 57 percent over the last five years, but Gallup’s latest poll marks a record high level of support.

Backing for a third major party also hit a record high among independents—77 percent—according to the new poll. Meanwhile, 52 percent of Democrats and 49 percent of Republicans say a competitive third party is needed.

Puerto Rico Hurricane Maria Disaster Live Blog (9-30-17)

      No Comments on Puerto Rico Hurricane Maria Disaster Live Blog (9-30-17)

Trump is telling us he’s doing a great job with the relief. Don’t think he believes that. Why else would he be making excuses:

With more than 25,000 tweets and counting, Twitter users said plenty about President Donald Trump’s Friday response to the disaster relief effort in Puerto Rico. He claimed it was complicated because Puerto Rico is “surrounded by water.” The term “Big Water” was a top-trending topic, with most poking fun at the president’s obvious statement.

“The response and recovery effort probably has never been seen for something like this,” Trump said. “This is an island surrounded by water, big water, ocean water.”

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Ohio, a Union State, Will Reinstall Confederate Monument for Some Reason

Because fools and their Confederate monuments are not soon parted, the Lee monument will be returned to be reinstalled and rededicated. The city of Franklin will also throw in $2,000 to pay for damages sustained during the removal of the marker’s plaque.

Source: Ohio, a Union State, Will Reinstall Confederate Monument for Some Reason

Trump Could Go to War With North Korea So Everyone Forgets About Russia Probe, Report Says

This is why we must force him from office as soon as possible:

The U.K.-based defense and security think tank Rusi released a report ominously titled “Preparing for War in Korea.”

“War is now a real possibility,” wrote report author Malcolm Chalmers, the think tank’s deputy director-general. He laid out reasons President Donald Trump could surprise North Korea and other informed observers and follow through on his threats to attack Pyongyang.

While the president could decide the U.S. cannot live with a nuclear-armed North Korea, he could also start a conflict to boost his popularity rating or to distract from the ongoing investigation into his campaign’s possible ties to Russia.

Puerto Rico Hurricane Maria Disaster Live Blog (9-29-17)

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It’s becoming perfectly clear that the government is failing the people of Puerto Rico. Why aren’t the supplies and relief getting to the people of that island. It’s been 9 days.

Dem Congressman skewers Trump’s ‘almost criminal’ Puerto Rico response: ‘He should step off the golf course

Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-AZ) was outright disgusted by the ineptitude with which President Donald Trump is handling the response to the hurricanes in Puerto Rico.

“You’re seeing folks from FEMA who are there nine days later assessing the situation where there are already some pretty obvious needs as they go into these areas,” said CNN’s Brianna Keilar Friday. She explained that when FEMA landed in Puerto Rico they were there to “assess” the island’s problems. They didn’t bring any supplies. The only delivery that was made was a satellite phone to the Governor, so he could reach Washington. She was shocked it took nine days just to get him a phone. “It sort of defies belief,” she said.

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The Worst Financial Crash You Have Ever Seen Is Coming: Jim Rogers Survival Tips

I’ve been predicting this for some time. I predicted the crash of 2007 years before. This time around there will be no government intervention to pick up the pieces. Like a stroke, the damage will be too severe. You have a stock market rising for no particular reason other than the fact that you have a lot of wealthy people with money to burn. And the fastest way to make big bucks is through speculation. There is no more speculative activity than the stock market. The sad part is, just like before 2007, there were plenty of warnings. Now it’s happening all over again. As for the government, it is completely controlled by big business. They will remain silent because they’ve been bought off:

Despite President Trump threatening to “totally destroy North Korea,” devastating hurricanes, monstrous earthquakes hitting Mexico and uncertainty with the Federal Reserve unwinding its massive balance sheet, famed investor Jim Rogers says the worst is yet to come.

“This was not the end of the world because the market is still making all-time highs,” the investor and best-selling author said in a new interview.

But the current bull market – which is the second longest running – will end badly, according to Rogers, warning that the next financial meltdown is going to be the worst yet.

As for the timeline? The famed investor said the crash is coming sooner than we think.

“I would expect it to start this year or the next…and it’s going to be the worst in your lifetime and my lifetime,” he told me back in July.

Meet The CEO Who Says Excessive CEO Pay Is Trashing America — And Hurting Investors

What is truly obscene is that while CEO pay has skyrocketed over several decades the income of their employees have barely risen:

As a general rule, you probably won’t find too many CEOs that are particularly critical of high pay. Don’t bite from the hand that feeds you, right?

Well, Steven Clifford isn’t just biting the hand—he’s chomping at the whole arm. And I believe he has a good reason to do so.

Clifford, the former CEO of King Broadcasting, the Washington-based media conglomerate, recently authored THE CEO PAY MACHINE: How It Trashes America and How to Stop It. The book is both an investigation into obscene pay packages as well as a meditation on how excessive CEO compensation hurts average Americans in a multitude of ways. “This is a very corrupt system and it is based on assumptions that are indefensible,” Clifford tells me. “It stuns me that no corporate board has really taken this on.”

Poll: Majority of voters say Trump isn’t fit to be president

A majority of American voters say Donald Trump is not “fit to serve as president,” according to a Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday, with 51 percent of respondents saying they are embarrassed to have Trump serve as president.

The poll reports that 59 percent say Trump is not honest, 60 percent say he does not have good leadership skills and 61 percent say he does not share their values.

Source: Poll: Majority of voters say Trump isn’t fit to be president – POLITICO

The US spent $70 billion on the Afghan security forces, but it’s still in shambles

Because quagmire/endless-wars is what the U.S. government does really well:

It’s no surprise that the state of affairs in Afghanistan isn’t what the Department of Defense hoped for as the US enters its 16th year of war with the Taliban, but a new analysis of the $70 billion spent trying to shore up the Afghanistan National Security Forces, paints an even more dire picture: The US has failed miserably at building up Afghan security forces.

US Homeland Security Will Start Collecting Social Media Info on All Immigrants October 18th

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is expanding the kinds of information that it collects on immigrants to include social media information and search results. The new policy, which covers immigrants who have obtained a green card and even naturalized citizens, will take effect on October 18th.

First spotted by Buzzfeed News, the announcement from the Trump regime was published in the Federal Register. The new policy will not only allow DHS to collect information about an immigrant’s Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts, but it also mentions all “search results.” It’s not immediately clear if that means the agency will have access to things such as Google search histories nor is it clear how that would be obtained.

Source: US Homeland Security Will Start Collecting Social Media Info on All Immigrants October 18th

Trump’s latest comments on Sessions were ‘dripping with venom’

At this point you have to be a complete fool to work for this man:

On Friday night, Donald Trump headlined a rally in Alabama, where the president continued his campaign against Hillary Clinton. “If Crooked Hillary got elected, you would not have a Second Amendment, believe me,” he said. “You’d be handing in your rifles. You’d be saying, ‘Here, here, here they are.’ You’d be turning over your rifles.”

As if on cue, the audience began chanting, “Lock her up.” Trump, bemused, responded, “You’ve got to speak to Jeff Sessions about that.”

It was a reminder that the president, who threw an Oval Office tantrum in the spring in which he called Sessions an “idiot,” still isn’t pleased with his attorney general. The Wall Street Journal reports that Trump told a group of supporters last night about his dissatisfaction with the Alabama Republican.

At the dinner with conservative leaders, Mr. Trump expressed frustration with Mr. Sessions’ March decision to recuse himself from the Justice Department’s probe of Russian election meddling, according to three people present for the conversation.

“You could feel it dripping with venom,” one dinner guest said. “It was something else.”

As the article described the context, a guest asked the president a policy question, when “his mood appeared to shift.” Trump encouraged the attendee to direct the question to the attorney general’s office, before adding, “He recused himself on Russia, which he should never have done.”

This was just the latest in a series of angry complaints Trump has made about Sessions, and last night served as a reminder that the president clearly isn’t letting this go.

Trump Impeachment Vote Could Happen Next Week in Response to President’s NFL Protest Comments

The beginning of the end for you Donald:

Amid a national controversy about athletes who “take a knee” in silent protest at sporting events, a Democratic lawmaker from Texas says he’s making good on his promise to put into motion articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump, a Republican.

“I rise today as a proud American, a person who believes in his country, who salutes the flag and says the Pledge of Allegiance and sings the national anthem,” Rep. Al Green said on the House floor Tuesday. “I rise today, Mr. Speaker, to make comments that I never thought I’d have to make in the well of the house of Congress.”

Green vowed to file what’s called a “privileged resolution” in order to force a vote next week.

Twitter Blasts Trump for ‘Blaming’ Puerto Rico After Hurricane Maria Destruction: ‘The F*cking Gall’

Maybe because Puerto Ricans tend to be people of color. There are no electoral votes there, as well:

President Trump is getting a lot of blowback on Twitter after he decided to weigh in on Puerto Rico’s devastation by commenting about the island’s debt and infrastructure problems.

It’s been five days since Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, and all signs indicate that the storm caused catastrophic levels of destruction across the island. Since the Puerto Rico’s utility services and bureaucracy have been almost completely wiped out, many political observers expected that the territory’s restoration would become a pressing concern for the Trump Administration.

More news about Puerto Rico

Trump Slammed Iran’s Ballistic Missile Test, Then it Turned Out To Be Fake

We have a president that shoots (his mouth) first then asks questions later. And that’s very frightening and dangerous:

President Donald Trump blasted Iran on Twitter on Saturday for carrying out a ballistic missile test, but officials have now said the footage of the launch aired on Iranian state TV was fake.

According to Fox News, the video released by the Iranian government was more than seven months old. Two unnamed officials told the news channel the footage dated back to a failed launch in late January during which the missile exploded shortly after take-off.

Questlove: ‘It’s A Shame’ Celebrities Have To Speak Out When Politicians Don’t

That’s right. Where is the political leadership standing up to the hate from the White House, GOP, and police violence against African-Americans. The silence, especially from Democrats, is deafening. Barack Obama spent 8 years ignoring the issue of white supremacy and police brutality:

After a weekend of watching athletes and musicians take to their knees in shows of peaceful protests across the country, it’s hard to deny the impact of certain public figures standing up for what they believe in.

“It’s a shame that sometimes artists are the role models,” Ahmir Khalib Thompson, known to many as Questlove of The Roots, told HuffPost in Charlottesville, Virginia, on Sunday. “It’s a shame that oftentimes celebrities are the ones that have to be a voice of reason instead of politicians and the people we pay our money to enforce laws. And it’s a shame it still has to happen in 2017 … But it’s very necessary.”