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The People's Platform

Giving Power to the People

Our Constitution created a government of the people, by the people, for the People. That is not what we have. The People's Platform is an attempt to remedy this injustice.

A New Way to Get the Politicians/Policies we Want

This document is what would become a blueprint of how we will govern ourselves. And you will help create it. It will be presented to political candidates. And if they want to get our votes they must answer the questions shown below. This check list should be sent to all political candidates.

How it Works

The document seen below is prototype of what will be a political platform which we use to decide what candidates we choose for political office. The platform will be altered and will reflect a political consensus among all those participating in it's development. It is a democratic document. It is also a true framework from which we govern ourselves. Electing leaders does not absolve us our duty to have a say in how our government is run, and what policies will be implemented. It will be the basis upon which we take back our government.

The People's Platform
Yes NO  Other (brief explanation)
Government cannot surveil Americans when it is not allowed by the Constitution. The current NSA spying program is in violation of the 4th Amendment.

Wars should not be started without the support of the American people. Any military actions should be consistent with the Constitution and international law. Wars fought for any other reason than national security should not be allowed. Attacking individuals in other countries should be consistent with American and international laws.

Guns should be sold only to certified buyers. They must pass a background check and be proficient in their use. Potential owners should also learn about proper safety measures in order to prevent accidental shootings.

Corporations are not people. And they cannot donate to political candidates freely--or at all. We must amend the Constitution to end the Supreme Courts' faulty opinions such as in Citizens United.

The minimum wage must be raised to a livable rate. Currently there are proposals to increase the federal rate to $10/hour. That would be a good starting point. Every individual should be able to find work. And that work should be done at a living wage. And everyone should be able to work in safe atmosphere without fear of exploitation.

 We must adopt an Open Primary System on a local, State, and federal level
Everyone should have equal access to a good education regardless of income status.

Everyone should have access to affordable healthcare. This means all citizens having health insurance.

TPP and other free trade agreements should be opposed. They harm working people everywhere.

Same-sex marriage should be a right for all.

The tax system should not favor the wealthy disproportionately. That is why we need a fair taxation system. And Americans should be required to pay their fair share of taxes. In other words, middle class workers should be paying the same tax as the wealthy.

Climate change is real and is devastating the planet. We must turn to alternative energy sources, including solar and wind power. Gas cars should be replaced by electric.